2023: We’re Agrarians, I’ll Make Laws That Will Favour My People, APP Candidate, Anyaragbu Tells Ikwuano

Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu
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2023: We’re Agrarians, I’ll Make Laws That Will Favour My People, APP Candidate, Anyaragbu Tells Ikwuano



The 2023 All Action People’s Party, APP Candidate for Ikwuano State Constituency, Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu has reiterated his commitment to making Laws that would make better the lots of the people of Ikwuano Constituency if elected to office.


Addressing members of Abia Yes Movement, (AYM), weekend, at Amaoba, in Ikwuano LGA of Abia State, Anyaragbu regretted that the Constituency had over the years lagged the goverment’s presence inspite of being prominent agrarians.


He recounted on the unharnessed potentials of the people, which includes non marketability of their farm produce which, he said, were basically cash crops, as instigated by poor road network

A cross section of members of Abia Yes Members
A cross section of members of Abia Yes Members


The frontline House of Assembly Candidate who bemoaned the spate of abnormalities ravaging the Constituency, ranging from retrogression, starvation, underdevelopment, etc, blamed same on under representation of the people.


He, however, pointed out that making Laws that would impact positively on the Constituency, thereby making better their lots, as one of the fundamental responsibilities of a Legislator, hence his resolve to make Laws that would change the narrative of the people, on the floor of the House, if elected.


Addressing the crowd, APP Candidate said:

“There’s hunger in our land and poverty has virtually turned most of our youths into old men. This is because there’s no any laid down modus operandi in our land that ensures the progress of the land and enhances a good living of the people.


“If we had a Law backing us from Abia State House of Assembly, no greedy politician would confiscate what’s meant for the people otherwise we would violently recover it from his pocket or bag. This is because ‘a hero was birthed on same day another hero was birthed as well’.

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Speaking further, he said: “I’ve come to tell our people the truth because the Bible says that “Truth is life”. As a Legislator, you have just five fundamental responsibilities, namely;

Law making. You make Laws that would improve the livelihood of your people. You must first of all, tour round your land and ascertain what their basic needs are and then that would enable you to deduce what type of Law you would make that would make better their lots.


“For instance, here in Ikwuano, we’re agrarians in nature and we produce Yam and Garri in quantum. Looking at Ikwuano, we produce other cash crops such as cocoa, palm oil, etc. There’s nothing we don’t have in our land; we have both blacksmith and Goldsmith in Ikwuano. But, because we don’t have people who could make good Laws for us, we seem to be lagging behind among other Constituencies.


“Ikwuano as a community is one local government that is has a multi-clan; Ikwuano comprises four different clans, Ariam, Ibere, Oloko and Oboro yet we have only one Constituency. This means that if we are able to maximize our potentials, even Aba (North and South) put together can’t generate the kind of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Ikwuano would generate. But, then, the bad road network is a major challenge for the transportation of our farm produce.”


Furthermore, he outlined the second responsibility of a Lawmaker as being able to challenge the State executive over issues as it affects your Constituency, such as the delay or failure to include one’s Constituency, and or execute approved projects.


“Another responsibility of a Lawmaker is to represent your people; you must have the capacity to query the State executive about why since 2007 up until 2017, of all the state’s budgets, none of the projects approved in Ikwuano has been executed. Somebody has to stand up to query state’s Executive and if I’m giving a hole, I shall haunt this cricket and I must grab it.

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“I’m not going in there to lobby to become a principal Officer, no! This is because so many contracts have been approved for Ikwuano but they’re all yet to be accomplished.


In addition, he wailed that the 57 registered communities in Ikwuano house not fewer than 149 primary Schools owned by Government and 87 were dilapidated, saying, “I’ve visited them all. And there’s no way you can say that the youths are the future of tomorrow yet we cannot create education for our unborn generation.

Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu (2L) flanked by executive of Action People's Party, APP, and Abia Yes Movement, AYM.
Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu (2L) flanked by executive of Action People’s Party, APP, and Abia Yes Movement, AYM.


“Because my father once told me that he suffered and struggled to secure my future. In order words, he wouldn’t want you have me suffer again. That’s the desire of every man and that should be our desire too. Because you don’t make boast with poverty.


“We’re a bright people and must not lag behind. Being a giver during campaign doesn’t entail competence. If someone borrows to run for an election, once elected, he must strive to refund the borrowed money. We have come to state categorically that enough is enough in Ikwuano”, he concluded.


Meanwhile, he used the medium to appeal to the people to vote for him, noting that he is the best and most credible candidate, capable of bringing back to them dividends of democracy.


Moreso, he implored to people to support unalloyedly the candidacy of Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu, the Governorship Candidate of the party, saying, “Mascot Uzor Kalu is the only one who can bring back Abia State to her rightful position and make her a ‘second to none’ among other states.

From (L): Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu and Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu
From (L): Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu and Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu


“So, as you give me your full support, I also urge you to extend same to Chief Mascot because he knows the way and will definitely take the State to her glorious heights”, he advised.

(L-R): Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu and Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu.
(L-R): Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu and Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu.
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