2023: The Looming Outcome Of The APC Primaries

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2023: The Looming Outcome Of The APC Primaries*


By Bernard Francis.


Ahead of the All progressive Congress’s primaries slated for the 6th through 7th of June 2022, all roads lead to the Eagle Square, the venue of the all awaited Presidential primaries.


In a follow-up with the just concluded primaries of the major opposition party that gave candidature to Atiku Abubarka, from the North East, substantially, the All progressive Congress stands the risk of losing the coming 2023 presidential election if they are unable to, in their tactical permutation, dot the reasons for the opposition’s stake on the choice of Atiku Abubarka, from the North-East for President


Be thus overlooked, it’s essential to rail in details, some consequences to expect, at the end of this slated primaries, should the result differ from the North-East region.

A group of Arewa Youths protesting against 2023 Northern presidency.
2023 Northern presidency


The choice of Atiku Abubarka, by the People’s Democratic Party, is expected, not to be overlooked by the All Progressive Congress as it connotes much dangers to the outcome of the primary election of the APC. In the avoidance of losing power at the center, the APC must at this time, think outside the box.

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In this mixed reactions and conceptions, giving the All Progressive Congress’s ticket to the South-West is an automatic defeat, on the side of the APC, in not just the stable of those from the Southeast, it is also a way of giving direct entry to the PDP into Aso Rock, by giving them the opportunity of bulk votes from the North to win the election.


The major opposition party is on a scale of ‘Take It All Mission‘! The People’s Democratic Party’s primary has given the direction. Taking the presidency to the North-East is relatively accepted as justice served, complimenting our basis of unity, for others to be allowed to serve in our one united Nigeria.

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With the Presidency to the North-East, and the cohesive support of party faithful from the South-West, combined with the South-East and South-South, dividing the votes from the North would give APC Victory, showcasing along them, their achievements in these years of administrations.


There are consequences unforeseen if the APC take South-West for presidency in the 2023 election. The likelihood of some Northern state governor’s defections can really be overwhelming. This is politics, even the ten states talking of giving the South, the ticket could be among the first to concede to leaving the APC, just to ensure they supported a just course directions for the North-East.


Nigerians are all capable, everywhere in the nation, which includes the North-East and the South-East regions. No Nigerian can tell, where the nation’s savior is, waiting to be tapped. This can only be achieved, if we tone down our dominance and subscribe to those unifying sacrifices to the nation.

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