2023: My Mission Is To Liberate Ikwuano From Slavery, LP Candidate, Aguocha Pledges …Vows to divide Ikwuano into two LG’s

High Chief Obi Aguocha
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2023: My Mission Is To Liberate Ikwuano From Slavery, LP Candidate, Aguocha Pledges
…Vows to divide Ikwuano into two

By Charity Uwakwe

The Labour Candidate for Ikwuano/ Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency of Abia State, High Chief Obi Aguocha says he is on a rescue mission to liberate Ikwuano from an age-long slavery.

The foremost candidate who vowed to bring a lasting solution to the injustice done to the people by their Umuahia counterparts, posited that his zeal to represent the people come 2023 was borne out of his quest to rescue the people whom he wailed had suffered from a seemingly protracted marginalisation and relegation.

Obi Aguocha stated this, today, during his meeting with members of Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement at the country home of Dr. Ephraim Iroakasi, at Umuosu Ubakala, in Umuahia South.

From (L): High Chief Obi Aguocha and Dr. Ephraim Iroakasi
From (L): High Chief Obi Aguocha and Dr. Ephraim Iroakasi

Outlining the perceived areas of marginalisation, the people oriented Federal Representative hopeful said: “I want to liberate the people of Ikwuano from slavery. Ikwuano was once a Local Government which was subsequently divided into three with Umuahia taking over two while Ikwuano has just one. That same local government has five state Constituencies, Umuahia has four while they have just one. That same local government has 32 Wards, while Umuahia have twenty-two (22) and they have just ten (10). In Commissioner appointments, Umuahia has five whereas Ikwuano has just one. In terms of projects, everything is reserved for Umuahia and absolutely nothing for Ikwuano”, noted.a

A cross section of members of Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement.
A cross section of members of Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement.

He, however, alleged that Ikwuano was responsible for their predicament, recounting that the people lacked an advocate in the State, as he vowed to divide the Council into two local governments through a Constitutional Amendment, when he emerged at the Green Chambers.

“Ndi Ikwuano do not have anyone to speak for them rather their supports Representatives are advocates of their own pockets. But, by the Special grace of God, when I’m elected into the Green Chambers, I shall divide Ikwuano into two local governments through a Constitutional Amendment. So, by the next election, Ikwuano would have their own seperate Federal Constituency while Umuahia would have theirs and with that, both would be happy.”

A cross section of members of Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement.
A cross section of members of Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement.

Speaking with an aura of confidence, the former President-General of Ohuhu Development Union, called on the party to support the Presidential flag bearer of LP while also appealing to them to endeavour to throw their weights behind him, during the exercise. Ok

High Chief Obi Aguocha
High Chief Obi Aguocha

Hear him: I am confident that come 2023, Peter shall be our next president, in Jesus’ name. But, it would not be fair to have Peter Obi stand alone as the adversaries would want to pull him down. I want to assist Peter Obi to ensure that Nigeria begins to produce what they eat. So, that’s why I am calling on you to also support me, Obi Aguocha under LP to, so I could go to Abuja and advocate for Ikwuano/Umuahia. So, as you vote for Peter Obi, you also vote for his brother, Obi.

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Moreso, the Ugwumabiri of Ohuhu Kingdom bemoaned the dilapidated condition of the various monumental structures as erected by the founding fathers of the State,
as well as the inability of past Representatives of the Constituency to judiciously use the available resources to eradicate poverty from among the people.

Speaking, he said: “If you come to Umuahia North, all the monumental structures our father M. I. Okpara left behind for us to utilize have been abandoned. For instance, Umuahia North and South that ought to be the food basket of our State, South-East and Nigeria in general, has been left in shambles over the years but with the federal government, we can resuscitate these two Local Governments to ensure that we will create employment opportunities for our teaming unemployed youths.

Furthermore, he recalled the word of God according to the Book of 1Samuel Chapter 16, in the Holy Bible, as he paraphrased: “The spoke to Samuel saying, did I not instruct you never to mourn Saul because I the God of Host have taken away the Spirit of God from him and I have replaced it with the spirit of the devil”, he said.

Continuing, Chief Aguocha lamented that: “If truly they have the Spirit of God in them, they would surely pay salaries. Some people are being owed for 30-40 months, pensioners are gravely owed .
What are they using their salaries for? Are they reconstructing the roads, Hospitals? They’re absolutely doing nothing in the State. For the Spirit of the Lord has departed from them. Instead of them to utilize the state’s money to develop the state, they use it enrich themselves and to make boast forgetting that you don’t pride in public’s funds, Other People’s Money (OPM). A lot of people have died as a result of misappropriation of public’s funds.

So, this election which I’m contesting for will be the most difficult ever in the State”, he assured. My election will determine whether Abia will move forward or that those holding it down will persist. But, we must speak with one voice and be courageous enough to say that ‘enough is enough’. ‘Pharaoh, let our people go.’

He, therefore, implored the people of the Constituency and Abians in general to come out in unity to liberate the state from the hands of political profiteers, whom he regretted had been making merchandise of the State over the years.

“Therefore, I am not afraid because it is written in the scripture, in Jeremiah 1:7; God said: “Do not be afraid of them for I am with you”. So, I don’t have the spirit of fear and God has told me that today, I have given you power over Nations and Kingdoms, over principalities and powers to uproot, to destroy and to throw away; to rebuild and to replant.

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“So, my promise to you is that I’ll be the strongest advocate you ever had. I’ll speak for you, fight for you, speak and fight for Ndi Ikwuano and Ndigbo in general. My late father, Dr. Aguocha had done his best at his own time and by the grace of God, some of my brethren from Ohuhu are here. If I’m a thief, they’ll tell you because they know me and what I’m capable of.

“They’ll tell you that I’m a good person and as a former President-general, I’m upright and a peace maker. They’ll tell you that I’m a man who fears God and have love for all and sundry. If they tell you that, please, believe them. So, by the grace of God, I’ve come to Ikwuano/Umuahia Political Movement which is the bank of the river of Ikwuano/Umuahia where every good thing in politics swims around.

“I am happy to be here in your midst today and I have faith that you’ll support me. Because it is best for you to accept me, the soil of the soil, who feels the heartbeat of the people and you shall not regret sending me there to represent you and I could bet you that after my first years in office, you shall be echoing hallelujah”, he assured.

Earlier in his remarks, the leader of the group, Dr. Iroakasi expressed great joy to have received the Labour Candidate for Ikwuano Umuahia North and South Federal Constituency of Abia State, High Chief Obi Aguocha in their midst, while reiterating their unflinching confidence in the candidate.

He pointed out that the group is not hidden, our statement is very clear that we have members of PDP, APC, YPP, etc.

This time around, we’re going for individuals with pedigree and not political parties. We’re open to everyone who comes to us, we hear them out and unanimously, we have to take a decision on whom to support

He described the group as a deep sea, noting that it could only recognise those who drew closer to it.

“Leo Onwuchekwa, a stakeholder of Labour Party, described the people of the Constituency as people of sincerity and integrity, while also expressing utter optimisms in the capability of the LP candidate to usher in effective representation in the Constituency.

“We are confident in the man who is coming out to represent us. He’s a prominent son of Ikwuano Umuahia Federal Constituency. He gave scholarships to students and had built bridges as a President-General of Ohuhu Umuahia.

He reiterated that democracy called for equity and fairness, hence it is the turn of Ohuhu to produce the next Representative at the Green Chambers.



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