2023 Guber: Ogah is a mole from PDP, Abia Youth Forum tells APC National

Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah, the Minister for Mines and Steel Development.
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2023 Guber: Ogah is a mole from PDP, Abia Youth Forum tells APC National



A group known as Abia Youth Forum has unanimously called on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to discard the gubernatorial ambition of the Minister for States and Mines, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, saying he is an internal spy planted in the party.


According to the aggrieved group who accused the former Minister and factional gubernatorial candidate of involvement in treacherous activities with the ruling party in the state, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, a perceived ploy to betray the party in the general election.



The youths, without mincing words, described Uche Ogah as “a Scam” and an “unserious being”, alleging that the latter’s aim from the outset has always been to disrupt the activities of the party during each elections thereby preventing them from taking over power from the ruling party.


In a statement made available to newsmen in Umuahia, the youths in their embittered state, recounted on the activities of Ogah in the state, at the 2019 Governorship election, which according to them, sparked both suspicions and surprises among well-meaning Abians who had mistaken him for one on a rescue mission in the state.


The youths, therefore, appealed to the leadership of the party to disregard the former Minister, stating blankly that his mission is to merely deceive and stem confusion in the APC party, whom they noted was poised to take over the leadership of the state come 2023.


The group who pleaded with the National Working Committee of the party, reiterated their relentless commitment to restore the lost dignity of the state, stating emphatically that “We want to fix Abia State and we don’t want any distraction”.



The group, therefore, urged the leadership to uphold the candidacy of High Chief Ikechi Emenike whom they stressed was the recognised gubernatorial candidate for the party in the state.



The statement read in part:


“Uche Ogah is a scam and that is why Abia State Youth Forum have said they don’t want him to come out to cause and distraction in Abia APC. This is because, we perceived that Ogah is a “mole” from PDP. We want to fix Abia State and we don’t want any distraction.

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“It’s like the 2019 general election, PDP had bought form for Ogah and everything was written boldly and a prove of that was that, the man that came third in the state went to Court to revolt and similarly, the man that came fourth in Imo State went to Court and eventually he secured his mandate and he’s now the Governor of Imo State.


“However, the man that came second/third refused to go to Court and these are some of the evidence. Because when people asked him severally about why he didn’t want to go to Court, he couldn’t give any tangible reason nor could he defend himself.


Speaking further, they cited that, “from the look of things, during the last state Congress of the party, none of them received the National Working Committee (NWC) that came from Abuja; he didn’t come to them. Both he and Chomen went to the stadium and did a kangaroo gathering and nothing worked out. The same Chomen has left APC for Labour Party. So, who is fooling who? Now, it’s obvious they want to bring confusion into APC in the state.


“They should allow the people that have set the ball rolling to move on with the process. If he wants to be an ordinary member no body is against him but if he says he wants to be the Governor of this state, that’s a lie! And he can’t. We don’t need a woman; this time, we don’t need a weakling because we want APC to take over Abia State. And that’s why Abia State Youth Forum is urging everyone not to take Uche Ogah serious because he is a mole and this time, we will not take it lightly with anybody who wants to distract APC.

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“And Ogah is the main person going around and telling people that he wants to be the Governor whereas opportunities have been given to him the first time and second time yet he didn’t scale through. So, I think the National should look into it and understand that this man is not a serious human being and we the youths don’t need any unserious human being this time around. This is not time for anyone to begin to say I want to do this or that. The other time, he was making mouth that when Mr. President was here, he promised to bring one million people to Mr. President but those were all failed promises.


“So, this time, we are asking him to go check himself before it’s too late. He has to retreat because at this moment, we the Abia State youths will not take it from him again because he has deceived Abia people a lot and we can’t take it from him anymore. So, we know that APC is ready with their recognised flag bearer in the person of High Chief Ikechi Emenike. Ogah should leave Abia APC alone; the National must know that


“He has never won any election before neither can he win any and even Abians are no longer happy because we want a focused party and we know that it is only APC that can take power from PDP.




However, a member of the PDP who spoke in anonymity debunked the allegation, stating that “Ogah is already made. He went to APC because PDP denied him the party’s ticket after the primary election. And you knew that he took the party to court after the he was denied, during


Meanwhile, it could be recalled that Dr. Ogah had opted for the Governorship position in the state at the 2019 general election under the Hon. Donatus Nwamkpa’s led factional APC, but was reportedly found missing among other contestants at the main exercise, an action that got tongues wagging.

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