2023: Don’t Be Deceived By Peter Obi

Peter Obi
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2023: Don’t Be Deceived By Peter Obi

Nigerians everywhere are firmly rooting for Mr. Peter Obi not because he is in the Labour Party. The massive support is because he is approved worthy of the position he aspires to hold, considering his sterling performance as the former governor of Anambra State and due largely to his approach to governance.

Mr. Peter Obi is running for the Office of the President. I support him because I have placed him on the same scale with those contesting for the same office with him. By prudence and every other standard, he is the best candidate for the job.

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Now, my question is this. Is Mr. Peter Obi running for the Senate position of Abia Central, for instance? Are we voting for Mr. Peter Obi to represent us as our governor? Is he going to the State House of Assembly? Our people should not be fooled by underperformers and visionless people who want to hide under the cover of a good man, Mr. Peter Obi, to deceive us again.

This time we must avoid people who want to see with another person’s eyes. If it is Abia Central, we must not bring the Presidential Candidate into the picture. We have to assess the individual candidates contesting for the Senate position, and not Mr. Peter Obi.

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We are voting credible individuals, in fact, the right persons. For example, who are the senatorial candidates? Is Mr. “A” competent enough? Who is Mr. “B”? What are the antecedents of that Mr. “C” who believes himself to be the only person born to contest election every election season?

My people, Abia Central, everybody, this is the time to shine our eyes. Mr. Peter Obi is not running to be a governor, Senator nor State Law Maker. After voting for Mr. Peter Obi, we will vote other candidates according to who they are.

Mr. Peter is only contesting for President!

Jaja Martins

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