On Purported Change Of Leadership In Ohuhu PDP Stakeholders Forum

Hon. Kingsley Megwara
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In the management of Political Party administration, be it at the National, State, Local Government, Constituency or Ward level, there are procedural processes that usually constitutes the vehicle for driving every activity, including the change of leadership.

Generally, PDP Stakeholders Forum at various levels though not constitutionally recognized in PDP working document, however, it has compellingly become a norm for every level to constitute a Stakeholders Forum outside the official Party Administration.

The essence of this development, has to do with ensuring that the major opinion moulders and influential members who are not accommodated in party positioning, still has a platform to keep moving the party forward.

The constitution of the body of the Stakeholders Forum over time has posed a challenge and in fact yet to be resolved, particularly in Ohuhu.

However, Stakeholders are majorly those that have held governmental position, either as elected or appointed.

Among this category, are those that have been in the party from formation, with admirable and verifiable record of influencing the pattern of voting in their catchment areas.

Also, financiers of the Party at various levels are considered as Stakeholders.

Unfortunately, political neophytes do not understand this as they assume the toga of Stakeholders simply because they see themselves as members of the Party.

Ohuhu PDP has a Stakeholders Forum and a leadership with Hon. Dr. Aham Uko as Leader and Hon. Kingsley Megwara as Secretary.

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It was agreed that should the position become vacant, the next leader of the Forum will come from Umuhu since Hon. Aham Uko is from Okauiga.

The Ohuhu PDP Stakeholders Forum having witnessed the exit of Dr Aham Uko who by all intents and purposes had left the Party, is on the process of reconstituting the leadership.

Let it be on record, that only the Secretariat of Hon. Kingsley Megwara and Prince Ben Okezie who is the highest Ohuhu ranking Officer of our great Party reserves the right to summon a PDP Ohuhu Stakeholders meeting in the absence of the erstwhile leader.

Note also that in party politics, there are factions and there are dissidents, depending on the configuration and activities of any grouping outside the Party Structure.

It stands to reasons that any of such summoning for a meeting will usually be done in concerted consultation with other Principal Stakeholders and Ward Chairmen of our Party.

Regrettably, those who went to the press parading themselves as leaders emerging from PDP Stakeholders Forum meeting summoned by persons unknown to the Party hierarchical order are mere dissidents by their constitution and activities; and perhaps looking for relevance.

Ohuhu PDP Stakeholders Forum in response to this seemingly derailment of members of the dissident group, has directed the various Ward Chairmen, who equally expressed dismay in the face of the ugly activities of this dissident group, to immediately summon meetings to review the actions of their members in the said group and where good reasons could not be given, discipline such members accordingly, following the provisions of the Party’s instant law.

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PDP Ohuhu is intact and has been following the activities of the Party at the State level and more especially, has always identified with the ongoing legal actions to retrieve the State mandate.

The Forum has equally undertaken to employ all known steps to move the party forward in Ohuhu.

As part of the above resolution, the Ohuhu Stakeholders Forum in a record full house few days ago, critically looked into the leadership imbroglio precipitated by our former leader Hon. Aham Uko who may have switched Party, and unanimously agreed on the need to fill the vacuum.

Subsequently and following the existing agreement of Umuhu producing the next leader of the forum, the Forum consensually elected Hon. Isaac Emeka Ejiogu, Member House of Assembly 2007- 2015 as the leader of Ohuhu PDP Stakeholders and in the same vein, passed vote of confidence in the Secretaryship of Hon. Kingsley Megwara.

In due course, the Secretariat ably manned by Hon. Kingsley Megwara will do the needful by releasing officially, the resolutions of Ohuhu PDP Stakeholders to our Party members in Ohuhu.

PDP! Power to the People.! Hon Emma Aguikwu Fmr Special Adviser to the Governor writes from Ofeme Umuhu ward, Umuahia North .

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