Sam Ahiwe, John Nwamgborogwu, Charles Ogbonnaya Extols Prof. Greg Ibe’s Sagacity In Achievements

Prof. Gregory Ibe, Chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State.
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Sam Ahiwe, John Nwamgborogwu, Charles Ogbonnaya Extols Prof. Greg Ibe’s Sagacity In Achievements



Dr. Sam Ahiwe has commended Prof Greg Ibe’s enthusiasm an tenacity to better the life of Abians despite existential hardship pervading our present circumstantial challenges.

He poured encomiums on him as he reminiscence his contributions during Prof. Greg Ibe’s Visit to his home country in Isiala Ngwa South LGA to consult him for his Governorship ambition.


In Dr Sam Ahiwe’s words; ” Prof, you are a positive personality that derives joy in helping our State and the people their in. I recall vividly your contributions in materials and intellectual resources invested to make sure we realize Abia State teaching hospital. Today we are better off with it, even though many may not fathom the tedious task we had to undergo before realizing such a monumental achievement.

“Your efforts to get the teaching hospital accredited remains vivid in my mind. I am happy to announce unequivocally, that throughyour outstanding contributions to the ministry of health I stood out exceptionally amongst other commissioners during the tenure of Governor T A Orji.”

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I wish you well in your quest for governor of Abia State because I know you are ready and endowed with what it takes to deliver”


Elder John Nwangborogwu in his country home at Isiala Ngwa South LGA, expressed his profound gratitude for hosting Prof. Greg Ibe in his home in Isiala Ngwa South LGA. He explained his quest for Governorship of Abia State as genuine.

He recalled the first time he mate Prof. Greg in the Palace of his eminence, his Royal Majesty Eze Ngwa Ukwu Dr Eweremadu.

He explained that since then; about some fifteen years (15 yrs) ago he has always known him as a multi tasking personality and not as a simpleton.

He described him as a man who is prepared to maximise the fortunes of Abia State and deepen the necessary dividends of democracy to all nooks and crannies. 


Evuleogu Ibeku; Chief Charles Ogbonnaya, a super stakeholder, appreciated Prof. Greg Ibe for his audacity to declare interest to succeed the incumbent Governor, his Excellency Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph. D.

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He went forward to describe him as an accomplished personality whom through his achievements has touched the life of many he has come across.


He said, not less than 20 persons has benefited from his schorlarship in Umuahia North LGA. He advised him to consult wider so as to cover very many interest groups. He opined that as for the task ahead, he is eminently qualified.


Prof Greg Ibe inter alia expressed his joy on the kind of hosting he received.

He thanked the stakeholders for their advice and explained that the thirty (30) years development plan instructed and planned by our Governor, his Excellency Okezie Ikpeazu shall enable his government hit the ground running if given the opportunity. 


He assured the Stakeholders he will leave no stone unturned to maximise the fortunes of Abians. He reiterated his tenacity to make Abia State the number one State in Nigeria.

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