“I will run for Abia State governorship Election Considering, Prof. Greg Declares

Prof. Gregory Ibe, Chancellor of Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State.
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  • “I will run for Abia State governorship Election Considering, Prof. Greg Declares

A front line contestant for Abia State governorship position Prof. Greg Ikechukwu Ibe, has commended the consistency and tenacity of our founding fathers, elders, Traditional rulers, Stake holders, the clergy, professional bodies etc. in Abia state in holding the peace and cohabitation of the people of Abia State with deep considerations and equanimity.

While addressing Journalists during a press briefing, he scored highly the successful transitions of governorship position from Abia North district through Abia Central and now Abia South district.

He emphasized fair and dutiful adherence and comliance to Abia Charter of Equity as a sine qua nom to even, sustainable economic growth in our own dear State; God’s own State.

Enyi Abia, Prof. Greg Ibe who lamented the incessant, acrimonious and destabilizing debates of the zoning understanding, advised Abians to give adequate attention and considerations to what binds us as Abia State people and not to bring us to the prism from which we currently view Nigeria, seeing her in its diversity rather than as a nation.

He stated emphatically

” I will run for the governorship position of Abia State considering and having in mind what bonds and binds us together as a people.

Abia State is like a luxuriously furnished living room. It is only a stupid occupant that will bring a fight to such an expensive environment. Give or take, win or loose, there will be dare consequences.

This is why I must have the peaceful coexistence, sustainable growth of our economy, even and holistic development of the three (3) zones of Abia State at heart and in mind as I journey through, to the seat of the governorship of Abia State ”

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He reiterated the importance of Unity of purpose, the need for us to sacrifice for the State by upholding what is right, just, fair and equitable. This is the only way our contiguity can be better appreciated.

While recounting the benefits of fruitful and respectful cohabitation of one another, he commented that sacrificing a little or much for the peaceful growth of Abia State as in” Onye ahala nwanneya” is a panacea to greater good and glory.

In his words;
” I have done, doing and will still do my own sacrifice to assure the peaceful coexistence of all of us, which was what made me write a letter to our former Governor; Chief T. A. Orji after my withdrawal from the governorship race of 2015.”

The letter is published here under;

November 21, 2014


Your Excellency,


Your Excellency will recall that since May 3, 2012, when I first informed you of my intention to contest the 2015 Gubernatorial election in our state, I have followed through with my ambition by consulting widely, briefing you severally, mobilising extensively and developing a comprehensive blueprint for the project.

I also went further by collecting the People’s Democratic Party expression of interest form .

Therefore, when our party resolved to rotate the governorship position to Abia South Senatorial zone; for equity and fairness and in pursuant to upholding the content of ABIA CHARTER OF EQUITY, I was initially unsettled having gone to a great extent; establishing structures across the state and beyond.

However, preparatory to the screening exercise for gubernatorial aspirants billed for November 22, 2014, I was besieged by scores of party faithfuls and stakeholders from different zones of the state requesting me to humbly consider the possibility of withdrawing from the race in respect for the party zoning policy and in fairness to Abia Charter of Equity.

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Subsequently, after due consultations, and in sober consideration of my disposition as an unwavering PDP chieftain who has continued to undertake various state and national assignments for and on behalf of the party, aligning myself fully with your well informed position, I have decided to withdraw my gubernatorial aspiration in patriotic adherence to the agreed zoning arrangement.

Whilst still submitting to your leadership and supremacy of the party, I therefore request you continue to use your good office to ensure a consistent tenacious adherence to the zoning arrangement and in compliance to the provisions of ABIA CHARTER OF EQUITY in our state to smoothen the process of seamless transition in subsequent elections .

Thank you your Excellency.

Chief Gregory Iyke Ibe, Ph.D , OFR. (Enyi Abia)

Prof Greg Ibe further stated that there is no gain in misinterpreting the content of Abia Charter of Equity; a document enacted by the founding fathers of Abia State just for an non altruistic inordinate gain that may threatening the peaceful coexistence of the blocks of our dear State.

He stressed that if he had inordinate ambition he would have gone further to context the 2015 governorship election.

He expressed his satisfactions in the adherence of Abians to Abia Charter of Equity and stated firmly and unrelenting that Abia State was never founded out of two (2 ) zones; Old Bende and Aba Zone.

Abia State is founded presently on a TRIPOD stand; Old Bende, Aba Zone and Isuikwuato District given the exit of Afikpo Zone.

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