#COVID-19 Vaccine:Nigerian Medical Experts, Not Dedicated… Eze Ibezim *Condemns FG’s lackadaisical behaviour

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By Charity Uwakwe

The Chairman, Council of the Rulers, Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, HRM Eze John Onyebuchi Ibezim has, in totality, frowned at the lackadaisical behaviour of the Buhari led government towards producing #Covid-19 vaccine.

This is even as the Vice Chancellor, Abia State University (ABSU), Professor O. M Ogbulu has charged ABSU scientists and Senior Academics in the Faculty of Biological Sciences to intensify their research activities towards the discovery of COVID-19 vaccine.

HRM Eze Ibezim reprimanded FG over her perceived refusal to allow Scientists and Medical experts explore their intellect towards the production of vaccine against the dreaded disease.

This is even as other countries of the world are exploring the knowledge of their scientists and Medical experts towards procuring a lasting solution to the pandemic.

According to the traditional ruler of Amuzukwu Ibeku, Nigeria’s Medical experts and Scientists have the capacity to produce a substance that could provide the body with immunity against the virus.

He, however, condemned the obvious nonchalant attitude of the Federal government in facilitating same.

Eze Ibezim said:
“Nigerians have no interest because they’re not dedicated to our duties. It’s a culture, they didn’t like the government ad much as the government doesn’t like them. If only they can show interest, commitment and dedication, they’ll have a positive result.”

On the use of the vaccine manufactured by Bill Melinda Gate and Dr. Fauci and it’s rumoured adverse effects on the human body as speculated, he said: “It’s unscientific. He has to prove his own area of argument. So, anything that is unscientific should not be adhered to because today, we believe that science exists. The President of the USA has been vaccinated alongside the vice President and all Heads of State although Trump refused to be vaccinated. Also, many other persons have been vaccinated.

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“We should go back and talk about how to get our own vaccine. How do we get our own vaccine? That’s what we should concentrate on.”

“Our own people should try delve into those areas of research so as to produce our own vaccine. The cost of the said vaccine would be exorbitant. So, let our people try to produce our own. You see, for the fact that they produced it, the price alone will be very high and so they will make a kind of money that no company in the whole world will ever make. You can see that from the billions of money they’re heaping out for it.”

Continuing, he charged African Biology students to embark on the journey of producing a vaccine for in Africa, noting that “they go to school but they don’t want to study Micro-biology or even History. Everybody wants to study Medicine.

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However, he reprimanded the Federal Government for his hesitant approach towards creating enabling ground for the citizens, lamenting, “Government is just the problem. Give the citizens opportunity let them try what others are doing.

“Iran produced their own because they know they can’t wait for the Western world. They took their destiny in their hands. So, Nigerian government should do same. They should challenge our scientists we have in all the universities. For insurance, Oxford University produced the vaccine they’re using now in Britain. Pfizer is a known company. They were all produced in the university’s Laboratory.


He, therefore, charged African Biology students to embark on the journey of producing a vaccine for Africans, lamenting that “they go to school but they don’t want to study Micro-biology or even History. Everybody wants to study Medicine.


Let them try; it doesn’t require so much or does it cause billions of dollars. The same thing they have here is what they have in other laboratories. So, they should utilize what they have. The only problem is that they don’t have the interest.

He enjoined Federal government to facilitate the production of the vaccine by for qualified scientists and Medical experts in order to mitigate the spread of the dreaded disease, while urging the latter to expedite efforts towards actualising same.

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