Why the Hatred For Igbos? Akwa Ibomite writes to Niger Deltans *A must read!!!

Udo-Akagha Inyang
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Why the Hatred For Igbos?  … Akwa Ibomite writes to Niger Deltans *A must read!!!

Dear Niger Deltans, I bring you greetings from Akwa ibom.

Since I was a young lad, till now that I am a grown man, I had always been asking the one important question, Why the Hatred on Igbos?

In my quest to find answers, I’ve read books, I have asked questions, I have made findings, yet, I find no tangible reason why people despise and hate the Igbo tribe with disdain.

And then I stumbled on one book, ‘Why we Struck’ by Adewale Ademoyega, there I got full understanding to why I never joined in the hate game.

My dear brothers and sisters, you see, you only had access to a distorted 1967 Biafra war stories and you suddenly developed hatred for the Igbos.

Now do yourself a favour and get the pre 1967 history books and you will just realise that 90% of what you were told about the Igbos were just lies.

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No one will ever see the hatred the Igbos suffer in Nigeria until you are an igbo or put yourself in their shoes. But I admire that tribe. A tribe so hated and marginalized, yet very progressive. Even though ravaged by war and denied political power, the East is still very much ahead of the regions not ravaged by war.

As an Akwa Ibomite,  I schooled and work in the east for a good number of years, I always ponder in my heart, who would believe that these people were ones victims of war? Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo are rising very fast and competing with Lagos in terms of Economic activities.
They now make the best WAEC and NECO results Nationwide.
Then I concluded, those who hate the Igbos are either suffering from low self-esteem, thereby feeling inferior and scared of dominance, or they are simply less intelligent when compared to the smartness of an average Igbo person.

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Akwa-Ibom State, the Land Of Promise
Akwa-Ibom State, the Land Of Promise

Again, how do we even prefer to live with people of the other Religion that refers to us as infidels, but reject living with our brothers/neighbors of same faith?
Are we really CHRISTIANS or we just follow this religion because it was passed unto us by our fathers?

Down in my hometown of Eket, Igbos form over 20% of the population for the past 30yrs+, and we have been living peacefully as one.

Yet, the Hausas are barely 4% in the past 10yrs, but already, they have killed my people.



Meanwhile, try and download the Book ‘Why we Struck’ from Amazon.com stores and get yourself emancipated from the hatred for Igbos.

They are innocent of what you are accusing them off.

© Udo-Akagha Inyang  aka Peasy
(Social Commentator/Blogger/Teacher/Web Developer)

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