What you need to know about Juneteenth

What you need to know about Juneteenth
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  • What you need to know about Juneteenth

    The historic holiday, which celebrates the official end of slavery in the US, has taken on renewed significance this year.

  • The city that disbanded its police force

    Camden, New Jersey, created a brand new police force to forge better ties with the community.

  • One family, two generations of protest

    People in Los Angeles took to the streets to call for justice in 1992. Has anything changed since then?

  • ‘How can we win?’: The Monopoly analogy explained

    Kimberly Jones explains the impact that centuries of economic hardship has had on black Americans.

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  • Why Nascar is banning the Confederate flag

    Driver Bubba Wallace, who is the only African-American in the series, led the charge to remove it.

  • White House deplores calls to ‘erase history’

    The White House press secretary questions where calls to “erase history” will ever end.

  • ‘Is that what a black man’s life is worth? $20?’

    The brother of George Floyd, Philonise, urged lawmakers “to make sure his death isn’t in vain”.

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  • Muhammad Ali: ‘Why is everything white?’

    The boxing legend, who died in 2016, explained how he used to ask his mother about white representation.

  • US children explain why they are protesting

    People of all ages are demonstrating, including kids who say “you can’t judge a book by its colour”.

  • ‘Years later, we’re still dealing with the same thing’

    As widespread protests sweep the country, people describe what they hope will make them more significant.

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