Umuahia North 2023: Abia People’s Organization Endorses ADC Candidate, Amalambu I saw conscience and sincerity in him… Okedi

Rev. (Dr.) Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu
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Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu
Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu

Umuahia North 2023: Abia People’s Organization Endorses ADC Candidate, Amalambu

*I saw conscience and sincerity in him… Okedi



By Charity Uwakwe


Abia People’s Organization, (APO), a sociopolitical organization has adopted the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Reverend (Dr.) Blessed U. Amalambu, as their consensus candidate for Umuahia North State Constituency of Abia State, in the forthcoming 2023 general election.


The group, led by the General Coordinator, Hon. Chidi Okedi whole declaring their unalloyed support for Rev. Amalambu, yesterday, at Umule in Afugiri Ward, in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State, expressed their unreserved confidence in the latter, describing him as a credible candidate for the Constituency.



Hon. Okedi, amidst optimism, implored the people of Umuahia North to throw their weights behind the ADC candidate so as to usher in a season of quality representation, thus restoring the lost hope of the masses.

Rev. (Dr.) Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu
Rev. (Dr.) Blessed Uchechukwu Amalambu


The Coordinator who recounted on the glaring show of consistency in Amalambu, pointed out that he had distinguished himself from among other candidates from the Constituency, through his virtue of consistency in his speech, sincerity and passion for the people of Umuahia North.


According to Okedi, “After listening to his manifesto, I saw some level of sincerity and conscience in him which makes him unique from other candidates. I was truly captivated by his passion and so, without any delay, I took him to the founder of this organization who also keenly listened to him and was astonished.”


Continuing, he said: “I have followed Rev. Amalambu’s speeches from afar and I have observed also some level of consistency in all his speeches during his consultation visits. Each of the things he said about his antecedents, is verifiable. Every of his claims is factual and none is fictitious.

Rev. Dr. Blessed Amalambu.
Rev. Dr. Blessed Amalambu.


Corroborating, the president of APO, Dr. Amanze Udenze who appealed to the people to unreservedly support Amalambu, “if you want a change”, described Amalambu as a man who would ‘leave no stone unturned’ in making better the lots of the people through his envisioned effective representation.

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“After I thoroughly interrogated this candidate, I am convinced that the organisation’s expectations, as well as that of the Constituents’ to vote in a credible candidate that would offer us our long desired effective representation come 2023, shall finally become a reality through Rev. Amalambu”, he boasted.



Among the feats as achieved by the candidate, who is also the State’s coordinator of NAVC of ICPC, he said, included Amalambu’s usual swift interventions in cases of corruptible acts in the State particularly in some learning institutions.


“One of such occasions of where God has used him in the State was through the office of ICPC. For instance, a student of one of the universities in Abia State was held back in school for virtually 8/10years. This man here heard about it and swung into action through his office, NAVC of ICPC. He was able to release the student. I was a member of the governing Council and I witnessed the battle. He was resolute and fought to a finish and at last, he won the fight. I have also listened keenly to testimonies of others regarding what different areas God has used him, I’m convinced.


The APO founder further disclosed that he had turned down many other candidates who had earlier sought for their support, noting that his aim of adopting Amalambu was in his bid to ameliorate the penurious state of his people through the provision of employment opportunities, “which is our major area of concern”, he admitted.


Addressing newsmen, the ADC candidate thanked the organization for considering it worth-his-while to adopt him, as he pledged that their aim of making him their candidate would fetch them good omen.


Asked why he was chosen among others, Amalambu said


“They adopted me because they saw credibility, integrity, they recognised me as that real man of God whom they know beyond words through my radio broadcasts.

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“They adopted me because they saw credibility, integrity, they recognised me as that real man of God whom they know beyond words through my radio activities and they have seen me discuss with people.


“Also, most of them have come in contact with me and they all confirmed that what I said met their anticipations. Therefore, they willed the organization to me.


“I shall not betray their trust particularly in the area of eradicating poverty from among them. This i shall actualise through the creation of employment opportunities.


Moreso, Amalambu decried the deplorable condition of roads in his Constituency, while regretted that the system of road maintenance culture as introduced by the then Colonia Masters has gone into extinction.


He accused government of being complacent about the sorry state of various roads, lamenting that various roads and institutions in their dilapidated state, are usually abandoned, thus allowing them deteriorate to sorry states, a perceived disguised pattern of looting public’s funds, during rehabilitation.


“One of my agendas is also to restore back that maintenance culture which has lost out completely in government. When I go round, I see Public Utilities and institutions in their dilapidated state. Also, after construction of roads, they’re left without any care and maintenance. They would be filled with pot holes. Government waits up until it becomes so bad that lives are being lost as a result before they begin to award contracts which amounts to billions so they could make their fortunes. That’s the essence of allowing it deteriorate before paying attention to it.


“But, that was not what we inherited from our Colonial Masters. We grew up to see maintenance culture. Then, there were the people called PWD, they were road makers;

While some individuals would be assigned to work federal roads, their own duty is to clear the paths, get those pot holes filled thereby giving that road durability and accessibility unlike what we see today.”


Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu
Hon. Wisdom Lan Anyaragbu




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