Transition To Net Zero: Rep. Onuigbo Appeals For Fairness, Inclusiveness
…Says Nigerians must not suffer hunger

Rep Sam Onuigbo, member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia Federal Constituency and President GLOBE Nigeria.
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Transition To Net Zero: Rep. Onuigbo Appeals For Fairness, Inclusiveness
…Says Nigerians must not suffer hunger

As efforts are being intensified towards achieving a ‘Net Zero Green economy’ in Nigeria, the Chairman, Climate Parliament, Nigeria and sponsor of the Climate Change Bill in Nigeria’s National Assembly, Rep. Sam Onuigbo has made a passionate appeal to the world leaders to ensure fairness, justice and an inclusion of all regions of the country.

Hon. Onuigbo who is the member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North and Umuahia South Federal Constituency of Abia State, President, GLOBE Nigeria prayed that the transition of the country to ‘Net Zero’ should not be a yardstick to instigate hunger among the masses, while insisting that the process should have a human face.

The Vice-President (Africa) GLOBE International, while addressing participants at the GLOBE COP26 Summit at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, on November 5, expressed great worries over the impacts of climate change across the world and its increasing damage to human livelihood.

The Lawmaker who reiterated the need to pay extensive attention to the devastating issue of Climate Change, persuaded world leaders and every citizen to join the fight to save the world from the devastating impacts of climate change.

The President of GLOBE Nigeria whose presentation at the Scottish Parliament addressed the issues of Net Zero Laws, NDCs and Green Recovery from the Nigerian perspective, outlined the security implications of climate change in the country as visible from the Sahel Challenge.

“I’ll speak briefly actually from the Nigerian perspective on the issues of Net Zero Laws, NDCs, Green Recovery, and like she said how we can get it right but this one is strictly from the Nigerian angle. Nigeria, as some of you are aware, is from Western Africa and as at today, the population is about two hundred and eleven million people and out of this number about 60% of that are very young people who are raring to move.”

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Rep. Sam Ifeanyichukwu Onuigbo Odozi-Obodo
Rep. Sam Ifeanyichukwu Onuigbo Odozi-Obodo

Speaking further the Honourable Member said that Nigeria’s population and its demographic spread is a blessing, noting that it makes the country an investor’s haven.

His words: “At a first instance or glance, you are likely to see that as a kind of time bomb, but when you look at it from the reverse side you will again appreciate that this is an investor’s haven that we are looking at and I’m saying that bearing in mind what happened when we did privatization of the telecommunications industry. We encouraged some of the established telecommunications firms to come and join in the privatization exercise in the early 2000s but they considered it a risky business. But, those who took the chance, eventually realized that with Nigeria’s population, the country is an investor’s haven.

Emphasising the Sahel challenge which is regrettably responsible for the much difficulties as suffered by Nigerians, he said:

“The crisis coming from the Sahel and I’m talking about areas bordering Mali, Niger, Burkinafaso, coming down to Chad that is now largely a difficult area to inhabit because desertification, drought and the rest of them have combined to make those places very difficult to farm or to do agriculture. Consequently, we see a push from there down to the Northern part of Nigeria and this has distrupted a lot of things bringing with it insecurity, and loss of livelihood means.”

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On the issue of Nigeria attaining Net Zero GHG emissions by 2060, Hon. Onuigbo recounted that Nigeria was an oil and gas based economy and “thus the transition must be done in such a way as to avoid the issue of stranded assets.

He therefore advised that in attaining net zero, it must be done in such a way that the transition does not create poverty, hunger, crises, and other issues:

Hear him: “Nigeria’s Transition to Net Zero should not lead to hunger and crises. And no one should be left behind; this energy transition must be just, fair, inclusive, and above all have a human face”, he advised.

“It is a difficult journey, and we are sadly almost out of time. So, the time to act and act decisively is now. In all this, I must stress that in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 17 which talks about partnerships for sustainable development, and ultimately stresses that no one should be left behind, this transition must be just, fair, inclusive, and above all must have a human face,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that over the years, Climate Change has been one of the most discussed issues across the globe.

To this end, Hon. Onuigbo has continuously championed the cause from a Legislator’s point of view, while collaborating with stakeholders on numerous occasions to brainstorm on how to address the existential threat of climate change in Nigeria.

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