THE MAN COMRADE OSINACHI NWAKA: A Philanthropic Visionary and Community Builder (VOLUME -1)*Mind-blowing facts you might not know about Ossy Nwaka

Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka, the Mayor of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State and President of New Era Foundation, (NEF).
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Indisputable remains the fact that the arrival of Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka is as the Transition Chairman of Ikwuano Local Government Area is apt and long awaited.

Speaking from the angle of a soil of the soil, I want to state emphatically and without mincing words that, Comrd. Ossy Nwaka is an answered prayer of the people of Ikwuano Local Government Area.

As a vibrant youth, Ossy Nwaka is obviously set to perform the long desired overhauling of the entire council.

However, in a fraction of time, and just like a twinkle twinkle of an eye, the entire clans of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State shall be overtaken by a sudden illumination.

A sudden surge of tsunami that would leave many tongues wagging whereas those who never thought of light overtaking the land of Ikwuano, would have their tongues stuck in between their teeth, with a stream of blood oozing out of both sides of their mouths.

One might be pushed to ask; who is OSINACHI NWAKA?

To some, the name, Ossy Nwaka is a known name, to many it’s unfamiliar whereas to others, it is a household name.
This I have methodically summarised in just a sentence.
Ossy Nwaka is a self-starter; a man whose love for God and mankind is best imagined than described.

This is evidently because he has made many worthless lives points of reference.

Here are some striking things you need to know about Ossy Nwaka:


Ossy Nwaka was born on January 21, 1979, into the esteemed family of Senior Elder Mark Nwaka of Agbommiri Village, situated within the Umu-Akoo Autonomous Community in Itunta Ibere, Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State.

Nwaka’s journey is one marked by profound contributions to society and a legacy of empowerment.


His foundational years were shaped by his pursuit of education, beginning with primary school at New Layout Primary School, in Ebonyi State. Subsequently, he embarked on his secondary education journey at Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, in Ikeja, Lagos State.

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It was at this phase of his life that, Nwaka found mentorship and support in his late elder brother, Nwa Mazi Emmanuel Nwaka, who tragically lost his life in a plane crash, in 1995.

Ossy Nwaka’s pursuit of knowledge and personal development led him to Abia State University, Uturu, where he earned a BSc in Marketing. His voice echoed within the students’ body as he actively participated in the Students Union Government politics, vying for the position of Public Relations Officer. He also held the esteemed role of Editor-in-Chief of the ABSU Marketing Department.

Elevating his academic journey, Comrade Osinachi Nwaka achieves his Master’s degree in Marketing (MSc) from Lagos State University, Ojo.


Married to Mrs. Patricia Jonathan Adeola, hailing from the Oniru Royal family in Lagos State, Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka is a devoted family man and he is blessed with two sons and three daughters.


His journey in the corporate world commenced in 2007 as a sales representative at Standard Chartered Bank. His career then led him through roles as a graduate trainee at FirstInland Bank and subsequent positions at UBA, Old Diamond Bank, and Access Bank, where he excelled as a branch manager in 2018.

His exceptional academic achievements and journey in the corporate world paralleled his emergence as a successful entrepreneur in Lagos, notably in real estate, logistics, and water businesses. However, beyond his commercial endeavours, he stood as a beacon of philanthropy, positively impacting the lives of many through his charitable initiatives.


He is the founder and president of New Era Foundation, (NEF).

New Era is actually a Non-governmental Organisation, (NGO) established by Nwaka which serves as a support system to the government of Dr Alex Otti, to ensure his administration succeeds. It is an organisation aimed at spreading the works of the Governor, in a bid to enable it have great impacts on Ikwuano and Abia State in general.

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Through this self-funded organisation, Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka, has vowed to renew the hope of the people of Ikwuano through his glaring work of charity, thereby alleviating poverty from among the Council. He has decided to ‘take the bull by its horn’ thereby turning lives around.

Describing Ossy Nwaka as a quite-achiever is an understatement!!

New Era Foundation, as the name implies, marks a notable new beginning for the entire people of Ikwuano kingdom. It is a non-profit organisation created with a view to assuaging the age-long penurious condition of the people of Ikwuano thus giving back to the society.

At the helm of the New Era Foundation, Comrade Osinachi Nwaka has carved a legacy of compassion and empowerment. His unwavering commitment to reaching out to the less fortunate and vulnerable is a testament to his core values.
As a dedicated servant of God, he has continually uplifted young individuals, nurturing them to become contributing members of society. His influence is evidenced by his numerous programmes that provide scholarships, skills acquisition opportunities, and assets for young men, thus allowing them establish self-sustaining livelihoods.

Indeed, saying that Ossy Nwaka is a true man of the people, is a downright understatement!


Comrade Osinachi Nwaka’s presence in his community is synonymous with solutions and progress. His unrelenting effort to eradicate poverty from among his people, has consistently contributed immensely to the development and betterment of the his country home. Comrade Osinachi Nwaka’s legacy is etched in his altruism, dedication, and unwavering commitment to creating a better world for all.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, we celebrate Comrade Osinachi Nwaka: a visionary leader, a compassionate philanthropist, a builder of bridges toward a brighter future for countless lives, and a trailblazer in the corporate world.

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