Presidential And National Assembly Polls May Most Likely Be Delayed In Anambra Or Not Held At All In Many Areas Of The State …Intersociety Raises Alarm

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.
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Presidential And National Assembly Polls May Most Likely Be Delayed In Anambra Or Not Held At All In Many Areas Of The State
…Intersociety Raises Alarm


The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) wishes to state that it has it on good authority as follows:

1. That the above underlined polls may most likely be delayed for many hours behind the scheduled time tomorrow or not held at all in many areas of the State.

2. That the above followed the controversies surrounding the eleventh hour posting of the relevant INEC senior staffers to areas of their assignment including the State’s 21 LGAs.

3. That those mostly affected include the SPOs or Special Supervising Officers and their subordinate POs and APOs.

4. That following late or eleventh hour posting of the SPOs (2:pm today), most of them are unlikely to reach their LGAs’ destinations before the midnight of 12:am today being 24th Feb 2023.

5. That as such, some, if not many of them will not reach their posting areas untill tomorrow morning which makes it difficult for sensitive materials in possession of the EOs to be handed over to them for sorting and final re-arrangement before being deployed and used for the polls.

6. That the above is expected to cause several, if not many hours of delay in the commencement of the polls and possibly non holding of the polls in some, if not many parts of the State (Anambra).

7. That these are also most likely to aid the suspected planned massive failure of the functionality of the INEC accreditation and voting of machines such as BVAS and IReV and possibly engineered collapsing of the major communications network providers federally contracted.

8. That this is more so when Anambra INEC has been emboiled in a litany of scandals involving posting and counter-posting of EOs and ICT heads between the REC (Dr Mrs Agwu) and INEC National Commissioner for Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi (Festus Okoye Esquire).

9. That there are also serious allegations of heavy monetary inducements and compromise of the EOs and ICT heads at the State headquarters of INEC and its 21 LGAs’ offices.

10. That the Anambra INEC is also in the eyes of the storm regarding the recent discovery of thousands of PVCs belonging to innocent registered voters in Nnewi North dumped at the bank of a local river and discovered and taken to the Authority FM Radio by a Samaritan hunter.

Emeka Umeagbalasi
Chair, Intersociety
Barr Chidinma Udegbunam
Head, Publicity

Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria

24th Feb 2023: Time: 9pm

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