OTTI’S ADMINISTRATION: Ikwuano LP Dissociates Self From Alleged Marginalisation Report By Concerned Ikwuano Indigenes

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OTTI’S ADMINISTRATION: Ikwuano LP Dissociates Self From Alleged Marginalisation Report By Concerned Ikwuano Indigenes

The Ikwuano chapter of Labour Party, (L), under the leadership of the member representing Ikwuano State Constituency of Abia State, Hon. Boniface Isienyi has vehemently refuted a viral publication by some online Media outfit, on alleged marginalisation of the Council by the government of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti.

The said publication as co-signed by
Nnaemeka Oruh; Nnamdi Aruocha; Chukwuemeka Nwabeke; Cokey Lordson Nwachukwu;Henry Ugwunna; Ugochukwu Uzuegbu; Charles Obi Adiezeh; and Rita Nnanna, under the umbrella of ‘Concerned Ikwuano Indigenes’ had accused the Governor of relegating Ikwuano to the background in his distribution of executive offices in the State.

The open letter as directed to the Governor read in part:

“You told us to “weep no more”, and that “help is on the way”, and we have always taken pride in our role in midwifing this administration. So, we believe that you must have our interest at heart.

“However, recent developments have left us disenchanted and disheartened. After series of appointments made by your administration, apart from the statutory commissioner portfolio, Ikwuano LGA has been severely neglected. This conspicuous omission has left our people feeling isolated and marginalized, despite our unwavering support for your administration. This trend also raises concerns about our voice being heard and our interests being considered in your administration.

“Your Excellency, given the high hopes of the good people of Ikwuano in your abilities, and yourself having enjoyed massive goodwill in Ikwuano, we do not want to believe that you harbour an unfavorable disposition towards our people.

“We understand the complexities of governance and the importance of making appointments based on merit and competence.Nevertheless, we are confident that our Local Government Area possesses highly skilled and qualified individuals with exceptional character who are more than capable of contributing to the progress and development of the new Abia State, in line with your vision of placing the state in the proper growth trajectory, and restoring her glory days as God’s Own State.

However, reacting swiftly to the publication, the party unanimously described the said report hashtagged: ‘#Marginalisation: Ikwuano LGA Youths Rise in Anger Against Governor Alex Otti’s Administration’, as malicious and a figment of the imaginations of selected few mischief makers who, according to them, are bent on ridiculing the image of the Council before the Governor of the State.

The party, without mincing words, acknowledged the “indisputable illicit and malicious activities of PDP members in disrupting the intentions of the Labour Party led government to end our protracted pains and penury in Ikwuano”.

The embittered party stakeholders regretted that the perpetrators of the heinous act had overtime derived satisfaction in the seemingly dehumanised state of Ikwuano, as they wondered why such letters were not put out during the past administrations of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, which apparently hacked life out of the Council.

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In their rejoinder, the party wrote:

To all concerned citizens of Abia State and the General Public:

Dear all,

Disclaimer on the Letter of Marginalization of Ikwuano by self-proclaimed Concerned Ikwuano Indigenes.

Our attention has been drawn to a publication being circulated via online media, specifically the News Mirror blogger, and other social media channels, dated September 29, 2023, with the hashtag #Marginalisation: Ikwuano LGA Youths Rise in Anger Against Governor Alex Otti’s Administration.

We, the people of Ikwuano, under the aegis of the Labour Party, strongly refute and condemn the claims made by the self-acclaimed “Concerned Ikwuano Indigenes” in their recent publication. They alleged marginalization of Ikwuano LGA in the appointment of Executive Officers in the administration of Dr. Alex Otti.

We want to use this medium to urge the general public to discard the publication. It is a handiwork of paid mischief makers and haters of governance who are bent on holding Ikwuano down in her previously marginalized and subjugated state, for some selfish reasons, whatsoever.

We are not ignorant of the indisputable and malicious activities of PDP members in disrupting the intentions of the Labour Party led government to end our protracted pains and penury in Ikwuano. It is self-evident that these miscreants are not tired of watching Ikwuano rot and perish in distraught.

If one may ask, for how many times or when in the world did this inexistent Concerned citizens of Ikwuano arise to the injustices, marginalisations, deprivations, subjugations, and all whatnots? In 24 years, Ikwuano was evidently relegated yet these scallywags of beings hid in their shells ???? simply because they fed from the crumbs that fell from their paymasters’ tables and now it has suddenly dawned on them that the council is being relegated. We say downright no to this ploy to distract the activities of our dear Governor which we consider most appropriate.

Furthermore, we are aware that the government of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti is committed to the equitable and fair distribution of appointments and overall development in Abia State, including Ikwuano Local Government Area. He aims to achieve this by selecting the most qualified individuals in line with his divine agenda to elevate Abia to global competitiveness.

The allegations put forth by this group are baseless and a figment of their imaginations. It is also seemingly, a perceived, calculated attempt to sow discord and division between Ikwuano and the state government. It is essential to note that these claims do not represent the sentiments of the broader Ikwuano community.

It is instructive to state the obvious based on statistics of true development in the State’s apparatus, as opposed to the distribution of appointments made so far:

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Moreso, it is pertinent to state that we at the helm of the leadership of our great party in Ikwuano shall not seat and wash any one of those who contributed in one way or the other in oppressing and suppressing Ikwuano emerge a leader or a representative any more in our Council. Definitely not under our methodical watch!

Here are important factors to meditate on as it regards the Labour Party government.

  1. Equitable Governance:
    Governor Dr. Alex Otti’s administration has consistently demonstrated a commitment to inclusive governance, ensuring that appointments are made based on merit and competence rather than favoritism or bias.
  2. Ikwuano’s Contributions:
    Ikwuano LGA is indeed a vital part of Abia State, and the government recognizes its historical contributions and potential for future development. Governor Otti’s administration remains dedicated to harnessing this potential for the benefit of all.
  3. Transparency and Engagement:
    We encourage constructive dialogue and engagement with the government to address any concerns. Governor Otti has always been open to hearing the aspirations and challenges faced by the people of Ikwuano, and he is willing to work together to find solutions that benefit the entire community.
  4. Developmental Strides:
    It is important to acknowledge the positive strides that Governor Otti’s administration has achieved for Abia State as a whole. We believe that continued cooperation and unity will lead to even more significant progress for Ikwuano LGA and the entire state.
  5. Harnessing Open Opportunity:
    Governor Alex Otti’s administration, in his most recent address delivered at the South Eastern Governors’ Forum, indicated his willingness to partner and engage all business environments in the state. In his quest to rebuild Abia, which includes Ikwuano, Ikwuano Indigenes will strategize and seize such opportunities to create significant value across the board and guarantee the hope and aspirations of the people.
  6. Ikwuano Indigenes are peaceful, loving, and organized people who believe in decorum and due process, especially when relating to the government of the day.
  7. We in Ikwuano love and respect Dr. Alex Chioma Otti’s style of leadership and maintain that he is truly God-sent, on a divine mission to clean out all the wrongs and mess occasioned by past administrations which left Abia rejected, dejected, and underdeveloped throughout the decades.

In conclusion, we urge the public to remain vigilant against misinformation and divisive tactics.

The government of Abia State, under the leadership of Governor Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, remains committed to fostering unity, inclusivity, and development across all local government areas, including Ikwuano.

Yours Faithful,
Ugochukwu Nwankwo
LP Publicity Secretary

CC: State Chairman Labour Party
CC: Chief of Staff to Governor Alex Otti.
CC: Commissioner for Information
CC: Hon Engr lsienyi Boniface N.
Member Rep lkwuano, AHOA
CC: His Excellency Executive Governor Dr. Alex Chioma.

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