MOST PREFERRED AND QUALIFIED FOR IKWUANO/UMUAHIA: Why Obi Aguocha Remains Threat, Stands Tall (Part 1)

High Chief Obi Aguocha
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MOST PREFERRED AND QUALIFIED FOR IKWUANO/UMUAHIA: Why Obi Aguocha Remains Threat, Stands Tall (Part 1)ag

The only perfect person as recorded by history is the Lord Jesus Christ, perhaps this was why he asked the accusers of a certain woman in the bible that “let the person without sin cast the first stone”. Within a few minutes, all of them walked away. This simply shows that no one including the accusers was free of sin.

High Chief Obi Aguocha, has never at any fora claimed to be a perfect man, hence he has consistently pleaded that why looking at his bad side his good side should also be considered.

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Among the four candidates from Ohuhu vying for the position of the Federal House of Representatives, it is clear that Obi Aguocha of the Labour Party has the most chance to win. May the saying that ‘when two brothers engage themselves in a fight to death, strangers inherit their fortune’ be the portion of NDI OHUHU.

Why wouldn’t NDI OHUHU apply the age long wise words of elders that says ‘ pursue the kite first before blaming the fowl ‘. Let the agrrived ones sheath their swords if truly they have Ohuhu’s interest at heart.

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What is currently playing out in Ohuhu is a script written by their neighbours who never wanted them to rise politically and economically.

High Chief Obi Aguocha
High Chief Obi Aguocha

Many people especially those from Ibeku and other local government areas that are part of the Ikwuano Umuahia Federal Constituency, said if Ohuhu fails to get it right now, it is over for them. Food for thought for every wise man!

Obi Aguocha is the right man for this job, he is courageous, compassionate, intelligent and well connected, as well as knowledgeable enough to represent the good people of Ikwuano/ Umuahia at the Green Chamber.

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