Mascot Kalu: Abia State People’s most valuable brand

Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu
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Mascot Kalu: Abia State People’s most valuable brand



The road to the State House of power have distinguished mascot Uzor Kalu as the most valuable, strongest among all candidates who had realistic blue prints for the people of Abia state.. notable among valuable brands, is the ability to Sharpen the People’s perceptions concerning is Blue Economy plans.



Comparables he put in place are road map plans for agriculture and wealth creation.


???? Just like M. I. Okpara, mascot Uzor Kalu will put the host community on the top of map while also creating direct and indirect employments for the youths in the state.

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The azumili blue river in ukwa will serve as an important gateway for tourism while in ngwa we have sea port that will give liquid bulk cargo vessels opportunities.


When operational, the deep seaport will become one of the most modern ports in West Africa and support the growth of commercial operations in the region.


Upon completion, the project has enormous capacity not only to stimulate the Abia State economy, but equally to push it up in the index of largest economies in the world. The blueprints would become the envy of it all in Nigeria and in Africa.

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Finally, it will lead to an industrial revolution in the Real estate sector due to the influx of trade, commerce and investment as a result of the free trade zone. Thereby leading to potential direct and indirect investment opportunities for both real estate developers and foreign investors.


Few days remaining!!!

For Governorship Election..


Mascot Uzor Kalu is the only Governorship candidate in Abia state.


Your vote for APP will ensure the full Developmental benefits for the people.

Vote for Mascot Uzor Kalu as the next Governor of Abia state.



Nwokonna Emmanuel:

Writes from Ofeme, Ohuhu!!

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