LATE NNA OHA II: A part of me has left me, Ikwuano Mayor, Nwaka Mourns late father *Read touchy words *Nna Oha died a legend… Deputy Mayor, Ugboaja Commiserates

Late Senior Elder Mark Nwaka, (aka Nna Oha II), father of Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka, the President of New Era Foundation, NEF.
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LATE NNA OHA II: A part of me has left me, Ikwuano Mayor, Nwaka Mourns late father *Read touchy words *Nna Oha died a legend… Deputy Mayor, Ugboaja Commiserates

The Mayor of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State and President of New Era Foundation, (NEF), Evang. Osinachi Nwaka says the shocking passing of his beloved father, Senior Elder Mark Ogbonna Nwaka, aka. Nna Oha II, has not only left him devastated and shattered but also taken away an irreplaceable part of him.

The former Bank Manager and Stakeholder of Labour Party in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, while pouring out his heartfelt pains, in an exclusive interview with, at his Ndoro residence, over the week, wailed that the bond he shared with his late father was beyond human comprehension.

However, Ossy Nwaka expressed profound gratitude to God Almighty for the good life as demonstrated by the deceased during his lifetime, which he noted was worthy of emulation.

The emotionally laden philanthropist who described his late father as a god-fearing man, whose selfless service to humanity could only be imagined than described, admitted that he imbibed his magnanimous and transparent nature from the deceased.

Hear him: “Honestly, in my heart, a part of me is mourning, a part of me is also grateful to God for a life well spent by my beloved dad, Senior Elder Mark Ogbonna Nwaka, aka Nna Oha II.”

“My dad, in my family, I could tell you I’m very close to him; I’ve learnt so much from him; firstly, he was god-fearing, secondly, his service to humanity was ‘second to none’, thirdly, he would never cover evil; anywhere he saw evil, he would speak up.”

Speaking amidst heartache, the renowned Ikwuano first son said:
“If you come to our village, in Itunta, they
know him as a man that speaks the truth at all times and his legacies, I will pursue and everything he had stood for, I will stand for it”.

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According to the Crusader of the gospel, the departure of Nna Oha II who could not resist the cold of Mr. Death had thrown him into a deep state of melancholy, as both the church and the community, in general are not left out in the mournful mood.

“Nna Oha’s death has created a vacuum in my heart, in my family, in the church and in the community in general.

“But, let’s not weep because I know he’s resting in the bosom of the Lord. And in due time when we’ll all be raptured, we’ll meet with him sitting at the right hand of God.

“I’ll continue to carry on from where he stopped. Anybody who knows him and knows him very well will tell you that we share so much similarities; I am god-fearing, a man of peace, a goal-getter and I speak the truth at all times.

Speaking further, he added: “So, going forward, I’ll try to step into the shoes alongside my other brothers and see how we can shape the community and also uphold those things he stood out for, he pledged, as he prayed earnestly for the Lord to accept the soul of the departed and grant him eternal rest, “in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Asked what aspect of his late father he missed most, Nwaka said:

“(With a long drawn, deep breath…) I miss his wealth of experience, I miss his crisis and conflict management, I miss his life experiences, I miss above all, his slogan: ‘one with God is more than majority.’ My father does not believe in following the crowd, he believes on the path of righteousness and Justice. And he believes so much that with God all things are possible. And he is a man that has contributed so much to the community; he believes that wherever you are, make the next person happy,.make the society better. Those things are the things that I can assure him anywhere he is that I will continue to step into his shoes by God’s.

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On the roles of the deceased in his career pursuit, the youth oriented Ikwuano first son boasted that he had from kindergarten, enjoyed outright affluence, hence his unwavering determination to lift every intellectual and willing youth from abject penury.

“In my house, I enjoyed the best education from nursery school to the university among other of my siblings.

“For every level of my education, more than two/three people are paying for me. My dad would pay; my brothesr alive and dead would pay; my good cousins would pay; I have never suffered in life rather I’ve always known good fortune and I promised them that for every penny contributed to me, I will make sure it is not wasteful and that is why I’m giving back to the society because I enjoyed life in its fullness right from nursery school up to my Youth Service. So, I’m giving back to the society and that’s what I’m doing right now even in Ikwuano.”


In a related development, Chief Charles Ugboaja, the Deputy Mayor, while condoling with the bereaved, urged him to take solace in God’s word, describing the death of Elder Mark as a colossal loss to the entire Ibere clan and Ikwuano in general.

Ugboaja who described the deceased as a legend, implored the sons and daughters of the Council to endeavour to emulate the footprints of the former, stressing that “we’ll be remembered for our good world when we are more.

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