Just In: US Government Sets Deadline To Destroy Dollar Stockpile In Africa

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Just In: US Government Sets Deadline To Destroy
Dollar Stockpile In Africa


The United States Government says it has set a date for restrictions on accepted legal tender US Dollar notes, beginning on January 31, 2023.

This was in response to the recently concluded extraordinary meeting of the United States Federal Reserve Bank, Office of the Comptroller of Currency, IMF, World Bank, and Governors of Africa’s Central Banks in Washington, DC, on November 2, 2022.

According to the restriction, any US dollar bill with a printed date earlier than 2021 will no longer be recognized as legal money or accepted anywhere in the globe.

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This campaign aims to stop the billions of dollars in notes that are stored illegally throughout the African continent and are tied to drug trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping, and money from dishonest politicians.

African central banks will be given a special agent from the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, Administrator of the National Bank of the United States of America, to checkmate all inflows and outflows of dollar transactions as part of the enforcement of the stringent action plan.

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According to the report, the US President has also written to the British Government and the European Union, urging them to follow suit and redesign their currencies to frustrate individuals who have money in the US dollar, British Pound Sterling, and Euros that was obtained illegally.

Evidently, corrupt Nigerian politicians will be the most affected as the country will suffer greater damage should this action be implemented, in January, 2023 as stated.

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