Jubilations in Ikwuano, as Mayor Ossy Nwaka Assumes Office *Vacate or you won’t survive my wrath, Nwaka warns criminals vandalising LG Govt propty

Mayor Osinachi Nwaka, the Transition Chairman of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State.
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Jubilations in Ikwuano, as Mayor Ossy Nwaka Assumes Office
*Vacate or you won’t survive my wrath, Nwaka warns criminals vandalising LG Govt propty

By Charity Uwakwe

“This place is no longer for criminals, if you’re here to vandalise Govt property, please, desist from the criminal act as we will come against you with the full wrath of the law”, were the candid advice of Mayor Ossy Nwaka to hoodlums involved in vandalisation of the Council’s valuable belongings.

The joy and happiness of the entire staff of Ikwuano Local Government Council of Abia State, yesterday, Tuesday, December 5, 2023, knew no bounds, as the newly inaugurated Transition Committee Chairman of the Area, Mayor (Evang.) Osinachi Nwaka resumed work, emitting glimmers of hope for the people.

FamousReporters.com reports that the council, in it’s entirety was overwhelmed with endless jubilations, as intense celebrations engulfed the atmosphere upon the arrival of the renowned philanthropist at the hall amidst glaring glamour.

Addressing the Council’s heads and staff yesterday, during his first interaction with them, Ossy Nwaka recounted that Dr. Alex Otti, (OFR) has instructed all the Mayors to thoroughly do an overhaulling of every aspect of every Council, beginning with the staff.

Compassionate Mayor Nwaka warned sternly hoodlums ravaging the area, who engage in burgling and vandalising government’s property, mandating them to desist from perpetrating evil and causing mayhem in the the Council.

“Let me pass this note of warning; I’m humble, easy going but I don’t take nonsense. I’m gentle, good at heart but I don’t compromise stealing.

“If you are here and what you do is when people close and leave office, you go and burgle one office; you tamper with public’s property, steal television, or any other things you want to steal, I beg of you from today, don’t do it again.

“If your job is to steal and vandalise offices, go through the roofs, take the things government has provided to make life easier and better here, whether you leave in this vicinity or you are a worker here, from today, as the T.C Chairman, I’m pleading with you today. Don’t do it again.

“I have put some machineries and I’ll put more, if we catch you, if we catch you, only God can save you from our hands. I’ll use every means and everything available to me to use you as a scape goat. ‘Remove the finger of the monkey from the soup lest it turns to human’s finger”, he warned.

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Furthermore, he urged staff of the Council to shun redundancy but rather embrace the change as introduced by the Labour Party government, insisting that there is an outright change in the culture and tradition of the Council.

He said the decision of the Labour Party (LP) government to start with a clean slate was borne out of its burning zeal to salvage the various 17 Local Government Councils across the State, from their age-long dilapidated condition.

The Council boss and President of New Era Foundation (NEF), a reputable non governmental organisation, maintained that his emergence as the Mayor would go a long way, ameliorating their condition, through the laid down policies of Governor Otti.

He urged staff of the Council to shun redundancy but rather embrace the change as introduced by the Labour Party government, insisting that there is an outright change in the culture and tradition of the Council.

He reiterated that civil service work would no longer be “business as usual”, hence ‘all hands must be on deck’ to rebuild and restore the dignity of the Council, insisting that his administration would not give room for non punctuality, lateness and laxity at work.

He implored staff of Ikwuano Council to maximise their individual potentials in making impacts on the Council and the Sate in general, noting that the new government has brought in a new way of doing things.

“There is a new way of doing things now; there is a new narrative; you must change the way you act and behave; you must change the way you come to work. You must respect your elders and leaders.

“You must begin to be impactful and desist from the attitude of redundancy.”

“We’ll give you work to do if you don’t have any. We encourage you to utilise your potentials. You can’t come here and fold your hands; you must apply yourself unto Labour. I’ll give you work in agriculture; every hand must be on deck”.

In his remarks, the chairman of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Ikwuano chapter, Martins Chizaram Omeruo (aka. Matoto Global), who gave the vote of thanks, lauded Governor Otti for strictly selecting only men of repute to represent the various Councils, with the Ikwuano’s Mayor ranking ‘second to none’ in all ramifications.

“First of all, we have to commend the Governor for his hyper myopic eyes in appointing men of timber and calibre, men that are well to do. I am using my own local government, Ikwuano as a case study.

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“We really appreciate Dr. Alex Otti for appointing Mayor Nwaka because he has been doing across Ikwuano communities even before his appointment.

“To be frank with you, he has been carrying out series of empowerment programmes for the less privileged, the vulnerable, widows, etc, even before this appointment came.

Continuing, Matoto said: “His New Era Foundation has been one of a kind in Ikwuano and beyond, and has caused smiles on the faces of many. He’s one man who fights against gender based violence and all manners of injustices against the women folk, crimes and impunity. And so, we say ‘thank you ‘ to his Excellency.”

Responding amidst glaring ecstasy, on behalf of the Council, Mrs. Sarah Ekpo
the Local Government Ladies Association (LOGLA) Chairperson, expressed profound gratitude to God Almighty for the choice of Mayor sent to the Council.

“Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude to God for giving us a man like this for a Mayor. First of all, God blessed us in the State with a Governor whose name is Chioma which signifies ‘good tidings or good luck’, and now to our Council he has given us a man called Osinachi which signifies ‘sent from God’.

The LOGLA chairperson reiterated the readiness and willingness of the entire council to work collaboratively with the Mayor to rebuild the Council.

“We are thankful to God and you, sir and we are assuring you that we’ll go with you and work with you. We’re very happy having you in Ikwuano and we believe that we’ll have a positive change with you as our leader. And we pray that God Almighty blesses you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Corroborating, Mrs. Emulor Nwanyisunday, former NULGE Vice Chairman, former LOGLA chairperson, Ikwuano Council, commended the Mayor for the matchless wisdom and intellect he exudes, particularly his ability to articulate the basic challenges of the Council, with focus on security, provision of basic amenities, prompt payment of salaries, among others.

The former LOGLA boss urged the Mayor not to relent in his decision to tackle squarely the security challenges of the Council, wailing that same has given them sleepless nights over the years.

Meanwhile, highlight of the occasion was a loud chanting and praise singing by the staff of the Council, in celebration of the calibre of man appointed by the Governor to preside over the affairs of the Council, whom they described as a top notch among others.

By Famous Reporters

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