IOK LIBERATION MOVEMENT:A Touch Of Nobility Into Governance

Prince Ike Okorafor.
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  1. IOK LIBERATION MOVEMENT:A Touch Of Nobility Into Governance

Nobility literarily depicts high moral standards, willingness to help, unselfishness, Honourable, generosity, worthiness, eminence, the greatness of character and uprightness. From the political Point of view using England as a takeoff, nobility connotes aristocrats, men of high birth rank, progenitors from the social class whose characters are tested and trusted. Nobility describes men free from unruly behaviours, men who are sensitive to the plight and suffering of the led. This is what Prince #ikeokorafor depicts. He has the mastery of effective leadership as exemplified by his grandfather. He is of noble birth and grew under the tutelage of a noble King who ruled Ohafor with no trace of ineptitude but effectively and efficiently administered his people till death.

The IOK Liberation Movement is an offshoot of a noble progenitor. It is targeted at breaking the obsolete moulds of administering the people as inherent in our distorted political culture and has resulted in their clannishness. It is aimed at creating a connection and bridging the gap between the people and the government with a platform where their needs and aspirations can receive a face-lift.

The mandate is not to amass wealth since Ike Okorafor is already made through personal efforts and hardwork but to ameliorate the suffering and failed expectations of the people from the government. Today, the momentum is gathering- politicians are creating factions upon factions, interests overriding varying interests, structures toppling structures, friends becoming enemies, Ghana must go bags exchanging hands. These are people Umeh figuratively described as Ambassadors of Poverty. They have their heads abroad and their anus at home. They are merchants of loots, patriots in reverse order. Their kleptomaniac’s fingers rouse around our treasury like suckling filaments. They have no blueprint for the position they seek. The collective welfare and political progress of the people are compromised from pole to pole. The pillars of democracy collapse when the brutes are in power but there is hope because that which is coercively taken from the people must return to the people. This is the place of nobility as embodied in #IkeOkorafor#

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Prince Ike Okorafor
Prince Ike Okorafor

The movement premiums a high degree of focus on health and education – these are major metrics to determine a healthy society. Other areas of attraction are effective Service delivery, impactful representation, renovation and building of modern infrastructures, human capital development through skill acquisitions for the teeming Youths. The time of our political liberties which have been at the mercy of eloquent and unscrupulous demagogues is now and the first step in saving our liberty is to realize how much we have already lost, how we lost it, and how we will continue to lose it if unchecked.

The voice of the Arochukwu group must be heard. The time of sinister politics engrossed with inept and gross mediocrity, archaic and antiquated style of governance has gone. It’s a new era! It’s a new dawn and what more can the people ask for where basic amenities are adequately provided and made ubiquitous. The chemistry of the people’s apparatchik is punctured like a running tube each time a monstrous leader is elected. It aborts and truncates the acceleration of development. The people must get it right this time. The era of impunity is over.

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To further establish the reality on the ground, Ike Okorafor queries in one of his quotes: “the 2023 State Assembly Election is not about any individual but the collective interest of Abam. Arochukwu LGA has two districts and we share two positions – The State Assembly and the LG chairman. Today, the Aro district has the State Assembly and Abam the Chairman. By December the Chairmanship position will expire. What is the fate of Abam in Arochukwu politics?”

The solution to the conundrum above is simply that the fate of the Abam circus is the massive support they owe Ike Okorafor. He is a fine gentleman, an embodiment of educational experience, an epitome of educational diversity, a true technocrat and prima facie the best candidate to speak for AROCHUKWU STATE CONSTITUENCY. There is a need to avail him of the opportunity to represent his people. Get your PVC pronto to effect change come 2023. Your destiny is right there in your hand.

Ike is Coming!!!

Mary Thompson
For IOK’S Media Team

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