Governor Hope Uzodinma
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Dear Imolites,

May Almighty God convert the recent FALL of Imo State into total darkness and insecurity that led to the death of many Imolites and collapse of businesses in our dear state to a rapid RISE through a new government God will usher to us after the defeat of “GUYMEN” in Imo State be our portion in Jesus Amen!


We, therefore, greet you in our total commitment to achieve the Rise of Imo.


We write with a sincere and broken heart on the altar of truth to all Ndigbo and Ndi Imo in particular. We write with the present excruciating pain that has befallen Imolites. We write to remind Ndi Imo that absolute power corrupts absolutely, yet absolute power belongs to the masses.


We write because of those who wet their pillows with tears daily in hopelessness, because of what Imo State has turned into in a space of three years. Certainly, we write to you because we don’t believe in the adage that “if you can’t beat them, you join them”. We have decided to beat them through persistence for good governance and our resistance against oppressive government.


We write because we want a difference! Remember that “In order to get where we have not been before, we must be willing to do those things we have not been doing.”


We write because of thousands of Imolites who lost their beloved ones in cold blood in an insecured state, an insecurity allowed by those whose official responsibility is to protect the people!


We write because the “Chief” security officer of Imo state has become the “Villain” security officer, like the Devil who comes to Kill, to thieve, and to Destroy.


We write because a Governor in Douglas House, Imo State had the audacity to tell Ndi Imo that the Governorship seat he held since 2020, is in his hands and Ndi Imo can’t take it away from him.


We write to remind Imolites that someone sometime told Ndi Imo that he is “Ikiri” a confidence of power of sitting Governor. That same confidence has also possessed Hope Uzodinma with his phrase “Nke a m ji na aka enweghi onye ga anapuli m ya na aka”. (.. Whatever I have in my hands, no one can take away from me).


We write because Hope Uzodinma believes that he is the only man that has two testicles in his scrotum, other men in Imo state have no single testicle. This means that Hope Uzodinma has asserted that he is the only man whose testicles produce sperm and hormones that make babies in the womb; other men in the state have no testicles.

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Therefore, Hope Uzodinma has declared all men in Imo state politically sterile/infertile.


We write to remind Ndigbo of their proverbial concept “Arusi kpawa ike eshi ya osisi ejiri tuo ya” like Ohashierism” “Otuonyeshierism” of the then emperor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha and his In-law guber saga in 2019. Ndi Imo will replicate what they did to Ikedi Ohakim in 2011, Win & Go, Loose & Go, it was win & Go Mandate, loose & Go mandate Ndi Imo gave Ikedi Ohakim in 2011. Also Rochas Okorocha in 2019 who dared to force his son in-law on Imolites was vehemently resisted, since another emperor is here in Imo boasting of his re-election in advance, he will receive the worst humiliation more than Ikedi Ohakim and Rochas Okorocha


We write because history beckons on us, the great courageous Igbo race who believe in “ihe karia a tuo ya aka” “Onye richara nri zowaa efere” has denied himself another meal. Hope Uzodinma has broken his own plate and has denied himself the opportunity to be served another meal in the 11th November, 2023 Governorship election.


We write because someone in Douglas House has priced each Imolite N5000 at the polling units or at least N10,000 to make his way into government house again by crook or hook.


We write to query great Imolites, if truly the value of every head in Imo state is worth N5000 naira or at most N10,000.


We write to remind Ndi Imo that Hope Uzodinma is a product of total collapse and dilapidated old system that encourages mediocres like him who has never won any free and fair election from 2011 as a Senator to 2019 as Governor. The fall of “Omuma Magic” is here, a political magic were results are written at upper echelon and smuggled in by corrupt INEC officials


We write because Hope Uzodinma having lost the trust and confidence of Ndigbo has boasted on his guber re-election bid, saying “Ego ka o ga eri.” Alas! The era of etie okwe erie okwe” is here!


Ndi-Imo must realize now that our collective Dream For a Prosperous Imo Has Been Destroyed in this bid! The Hope and Dream of Imo electorates has been destroyed by few “Guymen” who recycle political positions among themselves!

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These men have sent their political Kingpins to frontline political parties, putting our trust and confidence in the hands of Athan Achonu (LP), Samuel Anyanwu (PDP) and Hope Uzodinma (APC). This is a dream we will never wake from if we venture into it! It’s like gathering water in a basket! A futile and regrettable venture! It’s a political manipulation that three “Guymen” grabbed the Governorship ticket of three Frontline political parties.


We wouldn’t let the phenomenon of selling Dog to buy monkey happen in Imo State. Like NKITA and ENWE have the same squatting attitude. Selling Dog to buy Monkey is still keeping a squatting animal in the house. Therefore, Hope Uzodinma (APC),Samdaddy Anyanwu (PDP) and Athan Achonu (LP) can’t run away from a typical attitude of “Guymen”


Obviously, the candidature of Athan Achonu of Labour Party, Hope Uzodinma of All Progressives Congress, Samdaddy Anyanwu of Peoples Democratic Party depicts the Igbo adage and philosophy which says “ONYE RERE NKITA (Dog) ZUO Enwe(Monkey), IHE NTUKWU NOKWA N’ULO YA.


Certain men who believe that even if Imo remain 100 people alive they must Govern Imo. Imolites must realize that their desperation is simply a means to become a Leech to Imo State treasury. What’s new in Imo state? At what rate have these “Guymen” that have governed Imo reduced poverty, stopped insecurity, increased employment?


Is Imo state still “Clean & Green” or has it been Rescued with Rescue Mission? Currently, they have come with “Shared Prosperity” mantra. Which family, kindred, village, Community or Local Government Council has this government shared Prosperity to? Has the prosperity been shared? At where, to who, by who, when? Let me burst your brain, the prosperity has been shared among “Guymen”! Yes, it’s a government of guymen by Guymen and for the Guymen. The Reign of “Guymen” is here!


What we have here is a conglomeration of conmen, swindlers, mountebanks, bilkers, fleecers, sharpie and Flimflammers that have targeted to use another four years to share their loot like aggressive warlords share loot from a war or from a conquered Colony.


Has Imo state been conquered by Hope Uzodinma?

Imo State is not a conquered colony! Never!

We’re a free people!

Imo must Rise Again!


Let’s wait patiently, we shall Unveil credible alternative for next governor of Imo State.



Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka


The Fall and The Rise of Imo


Comrade Nkem Nze

National Secretary

The Fall and The Rise of Imo

May 8, 2023

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