HONOURABLE IZUCHUKWU NWOSU: The Most Qualified Candidate For Umuahia Central Constituency

Hon. Izuchukwu Nwosu
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HONOURABLE IZUCHUKWU NWOSU: The Most Qualified Candidate For Umuahia Central Constituency

Come 2023 with INEC time table, Nigerians will come out in mass to elect those who will pilot the governance of our great country for the next four(4) years.

The daunting task of making Laws for the state is not for green horns neophytes but for few cerebral and diligent people.
If we must get the leadership compass of Abia state right, there is need for us to have a celeberal politician like Honourable Izuchukwu Nwosu among those that will handle the legislative affairs of our great State come 2023.
Firstly,he is a young progressive person (YPP), vibrant, resourceful, responsive, proactive and functions optimally as a young person. Honourable Izuchukwu Nwosu is extraordinarily brilliant with a good communication skill which enhances his relationship with his colleagues to form a good synergy among the legislative arm of government as well as between the judicial and executive arms.
Secondly, Honourable Izuchuckwu has an outstanding leadership experience having headed many organisations: both political and non political organisations such as State coordinator; integrated supporters for Obasanjo(ISO),Abia state chapter
*:* Abia youth vangaurd(AYV). He also served as south East Zonal Co-rdinator PDP Youth Rural Empowerment and Advocacy project (PDP YREAP).
He is currently the project co-ordinator of community base health care of Nigeria (COMBAHCON):a none governmental organisation that organises free medicals periodically for the downtrodden and indigent people in our areas.The most recent free medical exercise by the COMBAHCON was conducted on the 6th of August 2022 at Uzuakoli in Bende local government area of Abia state,were over two hundred patients (200) patients were attended to.Along the same line during the COVID 19 , he visited not less than twenty three(23) communities within Abia state with palliatives to causion the effects of covid 19 lockdown on people.

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Honourable Izuchukwu was a one time Counsellor in umuahia North local government area of Abia state and two- time Senior specially assistant(SSA) to Abia state government to mention but a few.
However, besides being a man of justice, fairness and equity, Honourable Izuchukwu has also a clear cut vision of what he is going to do in the Abia State House of Assembly. This Is clearly defined in his people oriented unambiguous manifesto which he had narrowed to a three point agenda of:

*Quality Representation
*Sponsorship of Resounding bills
*Transparency to the core
Lastly Honourable Izuchukwu is not just seeking election as a means of seeking employment or to offset outstanding indebtedness or mass wealth fruaudulancy.
He is a sound optician and owner of Grace Link Eye Specialist No 1 Ikot Ekpene Road Umuahia Abia state.
In fact he is seeking election to better the lots of the poor and be a voice for the downtrodden.
Another good attribute of Honourable Izuchukwu that can not be over emphasised is the fact that he is accessible and a grass rooter who make humility his watchword.
Therefore, going by the positive contributions and wealth of expirence of Honourable Izuchukwu, It Is obvious that he is the most Qualified candidate for Umuahia central constituency.
To this end we must make A valid choice come 2023 and one devoid of sentiments. Let us take advantage of this rare opportunity to elect a man every one of us will be proud of.
A man who like Henry Ford believe that “the only motive that keeps politics pure is the interest of doing good for one’s people”.
‘Enyi Oha’ as he is fondly called by friends is the valid choice. He will not take us for granted.NEVER!!!!!!

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By Comrade Anyanwu Chidi

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