GODWIN IDEI: Jailed for drug trafficking in Holland, member of homosexual group in Brazil, cannot be Eze Aro —let him deny it — Prince Kanu Oji

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More facts have emerged regarding allegations that Prince Kanu Godwin Idei of Arochukwu is involved in homosexual practices and membership in far away Brazil. Last week, news portals published sordid details of Idei’s membership of a prominent homosexuals organisation in Brazil, with facts.

Speaking on the matter, another Prince of the kingdom who grated an interview to journalists at the council hall of Eze Aro in council on Friday, said Idei’s case is even worse as he was also arrested, tried and convicted for drug peddling in Holland, and subsequently jailed by the country’s government.

Kanu Okoro Kanu Oji, grand Prince of Arochukwu, told journalists that the issues of homosexuality and drug dealings are forbidden issues in the kingdom, and a man involved in them is automatically disqualified from the throne.

Challenging Idei to deny the allegations, Oji presented further details “It is true that Godwin Idei is involved with homosexuals in Brazil. Not only that, Godwin went to prison in Holland, peddling drugs. What does he do in Brazil?

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“What did he do in Holland? He is an ex-convict, for peddling drugs. Anyone that doubts me should go to the Dutch embassy in Nigeria to verify if its true or not. Even in Brazil, who is his wife, is he married? You are coming to rule a kingdom, at your age and maturity, you don’t have a wife, you don’t have children you call your own.

He is not married. He will tell you he has a wife in Brazil. Has he ever brought her home? Because what we do abroad is living together, because I have also lived in Holland. I have lived in Turkey, and Lebanon, so it is living together, not marriage.

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“As such, he is not qualified to be an Eze Aro. There are things we have been trying to cover up in the family out of love. But the Aros say that when a drum over makes noise, you tell it the type of skin used to make it.

The Aro Anglo war between November 28 1901 and March 1902, where Mazi Kanu Okoro, the then Eze Aro was arrested along with 11 other prominent Aros. They took them to Calabar, tried and hanged them for slave trade. 12 of them, nobody came back. In that instance, he was already dethroned by the British.

“When you jail a king, you have dethroned him. So an ex convict especially one who has dealt in something as serious as drugs is not qualified to be Eze over Aro people”.

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