Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
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The truth, especially when it is physically visible or phenomenal, can not hide or be hidden from the people, no matter how hard we try.
I feel safe to say that since the current nascent democratic dispensation, dating back to 1999, no lgbo born Senator or HoR member has done as much work of development in his or her constituency as H E, Sen, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, MON has done.
The impact is felt across the Abia North Senatorial zone of Abia state. I really do not care about what his detractors or political opponents may ascribe to the level of his unprecedented development strides, but no one can take away the fact that the Senator is touching lives & bringing development projects to all nicks & crannies of Abia North Senatorial zone.
In politics, anywhere in the world, the voters assess their political leaders or representatives by what they see them achieve or doing while in office. The same thing applies here & that’s why OUK will continue to win elections to represent the good politically enlighrened people of Abia North for as long as he continues with the excellent work he’s doing across the zone.
People say that OUK has done more for his zone in the last four years plus that he’s been a Senator than his eight years as governor of Abia state. That although is contestable, depending on who you ask, but for my Local Government Area of lsuikwuato in particular & the District at large, which comprises of lsuikwuato & Umunneochi, l can confirm that in the last four years we have seen more infrastructure development or something tangible on ground. In lsukwuato LGA alone, there were more than 8 roads either completely asphalted or under construction the last time l counted. This is verifiable.
I have been promised that my own local road is next.
I believe that the incentive to do well, not only in politics, but in every other field of endeavour, is to commend people who are doing or have done well by serving their people & being there for humanity.
We do not have to be in politics or the same political party with OUK to say the truth that he has done well. We are all benefiting.
Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is also doing well in the areas of education, as many schools have renovated lately, agriculture & human capital development. His Foundation has been very active in reaching out to the people, even beyond Abia North.
We must not have benefited or are benefiting to say it the way it is or to acknowledge these facts.
I subscribe to a statement, Sen. Dino Maleye made sometime in the past & l quickly adopted it as a guiding principle. He said, “If you say the truth, you’ll die. If you don’t say the truth, you’ll also die, I rather die with truth”. What can be further true than that?
Politics & opposition aside, OUK is doing well.
My take.
D. A. Okwadike

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