Exp0sed: How Hope Uzodinma’s Overbearing Negative Influence Resulted In APC’s Extinction In Abia, S’East

Senator Hope Uzodinma
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Exp0sed: How Hope Uzodinma’s Overbearing Negative Influence Resulted In APC’s Extinction In Abia, S’East


If you ask me, I would state without mincing words that the rejection and disgraceful downfall of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC in the South East region irrespective of rigging mechanism can only be traced to none other than the wicked antics of the Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.


Indisputably is the fact that, among other regions of the country, APC had performed abysmally poor in the South-East and all fingers point to Hope Uzodinma’s overbearing Negative Influence within the rank of APC in the Zone. And I ask; What Next for APC.


It hurts more than it angers that, towards the runup of 2023 general election, the SUPREME COURT GOVERNOR of Imo State, Uzodinma, hijacked the entire APC instructure in the South-East.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike
High Chief Ikechi Emenike


Uzodinma had thought in his devilish mind that he would use what is now known as Omuma magic to expand his bloodletting territory in Igbo land, but the resolve of Igbos to maintain the sanctity of their land shamed Uzodinma and his gang.

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How could Uzodinma have been so ignorant that he scarcely knew that a state as wise as Abia is, could allow him replicate his evil ploys in Imo State in Abia State? I wonder what in the world must have prevented him from knowing that Abia State can never ever be ruled by APC under Uzodinma’s imposed Ikechi Emenike’s control. Never!!

All progressives Congress APC
All progressives Congress, APC

And to think of it, the voice of reasoning I thought, ought to have informed Uzodinma that he can’t project weak and highly unpopular candidates in Igbo land and expect the party to win an election.


A case study is Abia State where a butterfly was calling itself a bird. What an irony of situation! How can one fathom that a supposed ruling party APC couldn’t even win a single local government in the whole of Abia but a baby party, as new as the Young People’s Party, YPP won a local government and did very well in others.


Despite the huge amount that Hope Uzodinma invested in Ikechi Emenike and the one he collected from APC national with a false promise that Ikechi Emenike and the Supreme Court Governor of Imo State, were on ground and would win massively in favour of APC in South East zone. The outcome of the election has shown their worthless worth.

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It is indeed regrettable to recount that, APC failed woefully in all of those States hijacked by desperate Uzodinma. The records are there. For instance, APC came fourth in Enugu state same fourth position in Abia. And this was a party which has over the years been known for its progressive movement as the name implies.


However, under the NWC and selfish watch of Hope Uzodinma and Ikechi Emenike, this great party failed drastically in Anambra, Enugu and Abia, with Anambra as the most pitiable, as the party could not even win a single House of Assembly Seat. This is quite disgraceful and I ask, can APC in all of thes States be able to contend with this humiliation? I still wonder!


Chief Priest Marshall Udoh

For: Abia Liberation Army

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