Dr. Alexander Otti: A White Pebble Amongst the Black Pebbles By Ifeanyichukwu E. Uke

Dr. Alex Otti and Dr. Ifeanyichukwu E. Uke
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Dr. Alexander Otti: A White Pebble Amongst the Black Pebbles
By Ifeanyichukwu E. Uke

Those who know me know I have eloquently been critical of Dr. Alexander Chioma Otti, OFR as a public figure and one of Abia’s elite sons. My critique of Dr. Otti is never borne out by personal sentiments or vendettas. It was borne out of his cozy association with the previous powers in the Abia State government; a parley that somewhat portrayed him in a compromising light. Be that as it may, just like every human including yours indeed, Dr. Otti has his shortcomings and his strengths and that also makes him human.

I have conscientiously disabused my mind of all plausible prejudices or biases I held against Dr. Otti to holistically assess him potentially for the office of the governor of Abia State. Without fear or favor, devoid of sentiments, and putting Abia State interest first, I have concluded that despite Dr. Otti’s personal shortcomings and past alliance with the previous Abia State government, his strength and his political spending capital far outweigh his weaknesses and shortcomings.

Furthermore, there is something peculiar about Dr. Otti; it must be in his name “Alexander”. Historically, the name, Alexander, has been linked to men with a high pedigree who are bold, courageous, mighty, and great men that etched their names on earth as warriors, technocrats, emperors, kings, popes, and warlords. Dr. Otti exudes these marks for the most part. Like him, hate him; just as with his famous namesakes, Dr. Alexander Otti has done well and built a name with a pedigree of repute for himself, his shortcomings notwithstanding. As a seasoned and first-rate technocrat and economist, Dr. Otti has made some remarkable strides in his lifetime in these endeavors, especially in the financial management domain where he enviably rose, dominated, and retired as a Group Managing Director.

Furthermore, considering and in comparison, to all the candidates vying for the governorship seat, Dr. Otti of the Labour Party (LP) towers above them all in all political and professional ramifications, his shortcomings notwithstanding. Granted that all politicians are no saints nor without sins, some are in a deeper mess and unsellable than others.

As with the case of Abia guber contestants, after carefully going through the respective blueprints of most of the contestants that I was privy to access, I am heavily convinced that Dr. Alexander Chioma Otti is indeed a white pebble amongst the black pebbles.

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In view of this, I make bold to contend that if indeed Dr. Otti genuinely and passionately desires to serve Abia State as the governor, no doubt, his competent technical, management, and leadership prowess, as well as his overall professional pedigree grant him the much-needed wherewithal to pull and resuscitate Abia State from the murky and stagnant waters of ineptitude, incompetency, nepotism, and cluelessness that have sunk and propelled Abia State retrogressively deeper into the abyss. Given his tenacity and resolve to serve Abia in the gubernatorial capacity, I believe, without reservation, Dr. Otti will deliver on his campaign promises.

I am personally holding him accountable for these commitments he made to the people of Abia state: “I’m in the race for the successful and the struggling Abians. I’m in the race for those breaking barriers in technology and discovering cures for diseases. I’m in the race for petty traders who stand on their feet all day while hawking around the risky roads of Abia North, the dirty streets of Abia South, and the dangerous roads of Abia Central. I’m in the race for the nurses and doctors who work day and night under terrible conditions and yet receive the reward of stagnated wages.” These populations he committed to representing are the heart and soul of the state; it is upon the above commitment and upon the fact that Abia State needs a seasoned and veteran manager and not a rookie at the helm of her affairs, that I have looked above any blast from his past that trails him and I endorse him as the most qualified and capable hand to navigate Abia State affairs for the next four years as the Executive Governor in this political season. Therefore, I call upon every well-meaning progressive Abian, my friends, my family members, my mentees, and all who hold me in high esteem to eschew partisan politics and also shun party affiliations, and rally behind Dr. Alex Otti on March 11, to grant him a resounding and landslide mandate as the governor-elect. A vote for Dr. Otti is a vote in the right direction because Dr. Otti is the white shiny pebble amongst the black pebbles.

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