Brussels police move to block anti-lockdown demos

brussels police move to block anti lockdown demos
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Police in the Belgian capital said Sunday they have detained scores of people in a bid to prevent two banned demonstrations against measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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BRUSSELS: Police in the Belgian capital said Sunday they have detained scores of people. Photo/BRECORDER

“We are above 200 arrested at the moment,” mainly around the rail stations in Brussels, a police spokesman said around midday.

Police evacuated one square in front of the main railway station, where some of the protesters were football supporters from Belgian clubs.

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Dozens of people, responding to calls on social media for protests against measures to check the coronavirus, also began gathering at the Atomium, a landmark building in Brussels.

“We remind you that there is no authorisation to come and demonstrate this Sunday,” the Brussels police said in a Tweet.

“Those people who still intend to demonstrate in Brussels today will be approached, dissuaded from staying and if necessary” detained, it said.

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Belgium has registered one of the highest death rates in the world during the coronavirus pandemic, but restrictions closing bars and restaurants since October along with a nighttime curfew have brought infection and hospital cases down in the past two months.

The country last week banned non-essential trips in and out of the country until March 1.

Belgium’s neighbour the Netherlands was rocked by anti-curfew riots last week.

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