Breaking: Saddening: Why Mohbad Was Buried In Haste, Father’s Reason Sparks Reactions *Says “I dreamt of his death”

late Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad
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Breaking: Saddening: Why Mohbad Was Buried In Haste, Father’s Reason Sparks Reactions

Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad’s pastor father, Joseph Aloba, has cleared the air on why the remains of his son were hurriedly returned to mother earth.

Mr Aloba also reacted to concerns about the state of the land where the music star was laid to rest.

Meanwhile, many Nigerians had a lot to say about Mohbad’s father’s explanation on the singer’s quick burial.
Singer Mohbad’s death and his quick burial in unfavourable conditions has continued to raise questions from Nigerians.

In a new development, Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba, has now explained why his late son was hurriedly buried in that location.

Recall that Mohbad’s burial site which was located beside a cassava farm had raised a series of complaints from Nigerians who felt it was not befitting for a celebrity.

In a video posted on Instagram by @temilolasobola, Mohbad’s father explained the reason behind his son’s quick burial.

According to the singer’s pastor father, in Yoruba land, such a corpse cannot be kept for long because he died young. He also stated that assuming Mohbad died at an older age, he might have considered leaving his corpse in the mortuary for a longer period.

In his words:

“In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive. Assuming he died at an older age, we might have considered putting his body in the mortuary and taking it at a later date. That same night we took him away from there and buried him where we did.”

Mr Aloba also addressed the complaints about the location Mohbad was buried in. A number of the late singer’s fans felt it was not a befitting place for the late singer to be laid to rest.

According to Mohbad’s dad, where his son was buried was the only land he knew that belonged to the singer. He explained that even though his son had given him the land to build his church, he decided to bury him there since he doesn’t know of him owning any other land.

He said:

“That land where Mohbad was buried is his only land, that’s the only land I know him to have owned. Truly he gave me the land to build my church because we had both agreed to build the church there, and since that’s the only land I knew him to have…”

However, the Clergy’s confessions have stirred serious reactions from among Nigerians who still feel that the hasty manner of the funeral ceremony was ridiculously unbefitting of a legend.

Below are some of the reactions:

Reactions as Mohbad’s dad explains why he was quickly buried in that location

Mohbad’s father’s explanation about Mohbad’s burial conditions did not seem to go down well with many Nigerians. Read some of their comments below:


May we not have such a father oh.. pastor for that matter.. even if they threatened him, what is he scared of? Death? I thought heaven was the goal..


“Daddy eti ya weere this man is a an accompanist to this murder. He feels the money he didn’t acquire when his son was alive he would when he is dead. Please can they go through this man’s bank details and call logs. He has a hand in this. And that his step mum always meddling wooo esan a ke. To you all that cut short the life of this glorious boy e ma se eleya ku ni tiran tiran.”


“This man was just manipulating his son all along. Why would you and Imole build a church? Was he a pastor? Just say you wanted him to build a church for you.”


“Mohbad might still be alive when buried 85%.Atleast you guys would have waited.Who declared him dead?there should be a report of declaration of BID …All we know is some voodoo and injection by unknown auxiliary Nurse…God help Nigeria.The matter long.”


“Very smart man,he doesn’t want anybody to claim that land or come back for it,Oya sare gbegbin .”


“Is a questionable don’t have to bury him that quick. If him dey mortuary, people will still contribute money for fees..”


“What this man wants to prove to the world is “Sebi we told me” let the world see what he as done to himself.Trying to shame ur own flesh and blood .What a shame sir smh.”


“May we not have such a father oh.. pastor for that matter.. even if they threatened him, what is he scared of? Death? I thought heaven was the goal..”


“Daddy this ur story na Mumu talk…Fathers that I know will go all the way to get justice for their children..the only son for that matter..and not even a befitting burial..dem still break him neck put..How sure r we that he was dead sef??How??E koshi danu jareeven his im family failed him omoooo Mohbad.

I dreamt two days before his death’
late singer’s dad

Earlier, the father of late Nigerian singer and rapper Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, had spoken amidst heartache of his son’s sudden death.

Mohbad died on Tuesday at the age of 27.

He was reportedly said to have died from an ear infection. However, much evidence has evolved since then, allegedly faulting the cause of his death.

On Wednesday, in a viral interview clip that surfaced on social media, Mohbad’s father, Mr Aloba, in a broken state, disclosed that he had a terrible dream two days before the demise of his son.

The bereaved father, who spoke shortly after his son was buried, recounted his visit to the singer days before the sad incident.

He noted that he didn’t notice anything unusual with his son during his visit or see the premonition of his death.

“The only thing I observed is that I dreamt concerning him maybe two days before the incident. In my dream, I saw someone who was holding a gun to shoot.

“In the dream, I was even thinking that maybe I escaped the bullet, not knowing that something like this would happen to me,” he narrated.

Mr Aloba noted that Mohbad was his friend and that he named him Olademeji, which means his second because he is the only son of his parents.

“We are very close. Whenever he sees me, he rejoices with me. I could even remember the last time we met before his death, which was on Saturday,” he said.

Recounting how they engaged each other during the visit, Mr Aloba said when he visited Mohbad’s house they played together.

He said he gave him food and even served him before joining him, and they ate it together.

Mohbad’s father also recounted when he was leaving his son gave him money as usual, and he never imagined anything like this would happen.

Following the death of Mohbad, there have been allegations on social media his death was suspicious.

The social media buzz claims the ear infection story was just a cover-up.

However, while these allegations continue to trail the singer’s death, there is no verified proof to ascertain the truth of the claims.

Responding to the social media allegations, Mohbad’s father said that despite the allegations, he isn’t suspecting anyone.

Instead, he said he was more concerned about the auxiliary nurse who injected Mohbad before he died, stressing that he wasn’t sure of her qualifications.

Mr Aloba said he suspects the injection might have complicated his son’s health, resulting in his death.

In 2022, Mohbad accused singer Naira Marley of domestic violence and stated that his former boss ordered people to beat him up when he confronted Marley about his decision to employ a different manager to handle his music and business affairs.

After the fight with his boss, Mohbad launched his record label called “Immunization” in November 2022.

Mohbad is best known for his hit singles Ponmo, Feel Good, and KPK (Ko Por Ke) with Rexxie. He was nominated three times for The Headies Awards 2022.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Naira Marley and Sam Larry are not unconnected with the sudden demise of the musician.

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