‘Bishop Oyedepo Preaches With Dead Body In Church

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church (aka. Winners Chapel).
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‘Bishop Oyedepo Preaches With Dead Body In Church

Bishop David Oyedepo has shared a testimony of how he held service in his church while a lifeless body was lying in their midst.

During the Day 2 of Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Faith Tabernacle in Ota, the Founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo shared a testimony that happened in 2000 in Abuja. He said he never knew there was a dead child in his congregation while he was preaching. He shared this short story to strengthen the faith of believers on God’s healing power.

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According to Bishop David Oyedepo from the video (1:15:20): “In the year 2000, I was in Abuja and a little girl had passed on around 12 noon and about 12 midnight, the mother refused to bury the child even after Doctors at the National Hospital said the child was dead. Even Doctors in the Church confirmed the little girl dead.

“The mother said, I learned that my Prophet is coming down here tonight. I was preaching at the Breakthrough night and it was healing month and I had no idea that somebody was dead in the Congregation. I never knew! I came up and said, is there no Balm in Gilead? On the 3rd floor, the little girl got light and woke up. The Balm spoke out.

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“Today, that balm will speak for you. As the Lord lives, no one will go through this month with any trace of disease or sickness remaining in any part of his life in Jesus name, amen.”

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