BEHOLD THE MAYOR OF IKWUANO:More Hidden Captivating Facts About Ossy Nwaka Emerge

Comrd. Ossy Nwaka, the Mayor of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State and President of New Era Foundation (NEF).
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More Hidden Captivating Facts About Ossy Nwaka Emerge

The newly inaugurated Mayor of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State and President of New Era Foundation (NEF), Hon. (Evang.) Osinachi Nwaka has been honoured for his outstanding ‘Transformational Leadership’ by Professional Leadership Practioners Institute.

Prof. Ogbulogo says Fellowship investiture of PLPI is conferred on persons living up to the values, principles and virtues of PLPI either in the society, politics or professional life, and Nwaka measures up admirably in these requirements, hence the recognition.

Evidently, followers of the renowned philanthropist are not chasing after Nwaka do not surprise his followers who have been impacted by his creativity, commitment, philanthropy and innovation.

Evidently, in the present day’s boisterous political clime emergency leaders claiming the title even if followed by a shadow rise and wither like flowers, but Nwaka grows following effortlessly. Followers make the leader, says the leadership exponent, John Maxwell in his iconic definition of leadership thus: ‘He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk’

Leaders with mass appeal were the midwives of Abia’s renascent dawn. They were endued with the vision of a better day as contrasted with the visionlessness then obtainable. From that company of leaders, Nwaka emerged. While the election may have come and gone, some are still broadening their vision, charting new courses and drawing followers unto journeys of discovery, and standing tall in their ranks include personalities like Comrade Nwaka.

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Of a solemn mien, Nwaka’s compassion, sociability, positive attitude, and charisma radiates magnetic energy that not only draws followership, but equally inspires and guides men towards new conquests.

Men do not follow mere symbols, they follow representations of their ideals, representations of their hopes, and for in so short a time, Nwaka has drawn multitudes who see him as an embodiment of their dreams and hopes.

Nwaka belongs to the Jesus School of Leadership: ‘Follow me, and I will make you…’ A loyalist describes him as a dynamo, shrouded by unassuming simplicity. Disarming may be his smile but writ bold and large is his confidence, aptly fitting him into the submission by a leadership scholar, that ‘A leader must have sufficient self-confidence to take drastic steps and engage in decision-making without hesitation’

The PLPI, in a letter to Nwaka explains that the Fellowship being conferred on him took cognizance of his Transformational Leadership style which has inspired and motivated so many to embark on journeys of self discovery and accomplishment

Nwaka’s journey to his day of double honours took him through the banking halls of Standard Chartered Bank, traversing through former FirstInland Bank and rising to managerial levels at UBA, Old Diamond Bank, and Access Bank. He later veered off into entrepreneurship, successfully etching his mark in real estate, logistics, and water businesses. However, beyond his commercial endeavours, he sights were set on standing as a beacon of hope for others

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Nwaka’s career and entrepreneural pursuits were leading him to his passion and mission: Philanthropy. Charity. Lifting the less fortunate and vulnerable out of poverty into a life of abundance; Nurturing the youths into pillars of their communities

Early this year, he founded New Era Foundation, a non-profit organisation created to enhance his philanthropic and charity works signalling new frontiers for him. But like the profitable servant whose capital shot up incrementally, Nwaka’s appointment as Chairman, Transition Committee for Ikwuano LGA has widened the net of opportunities to touch more lives. And today as he sits atop Ikwuano LG as it’s Chief Executive Officer, all eyes are on him

Nwaka holds B.Sc and M.Sc in Marketing respectively from Abia State University and Lagos State University, Lagos. He once held the esteemed title of Editor-in-Chief of ABSU Marketing Department.

Nwaka is a devoted family man, happily married and blessed with five children

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