As Uzodinma Goes To Anambra – What Anambra must do

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It is shocking to hear that the APC just appointed Chief Hope Uzodinma as Chairman of the party’s National Campaign Council for the 2021 Anambra State Governorship Election. This shows that the party is bent on destroying democracy in the country. It further shows that the ills which Chief Uzodinma represents are the foundational principles of the APC. And what the party wishes to extend to Anambra people are the tears, sorrows and lamentations of Imo people.

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Hope Uzodima

On November 6, 2021, Anambra people will head to the polls to elect a new governor. This is if nothing changes, or, as my friend would say, if Jesus does not come. The tenure of the Aguleri-born Obiano is coming to an end. And in all haste, he has begun to cobble together a warehouse which he calls airport in his village. It is this “enwe” that he wants to sell to Anambra people as “adaka” during the campaigns, even when he could not drop a shovel of construction sand in almost all parts of the state for nearly eight years. The man has simply blown two terms enjoying Osodieme’s nsala soup and listening to Osadebe, and Anambra is now yearning for liberation.

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What is now more pathetic is the impeding coup against Anambra people being plotted by the APC. After enduring Obiano’s eight years of inertia and slumber, the people are now about to be subjected to something worse, something just unspeakable. Maybe they actually elected Obiano, but the plan of the APC is that come November 6, votes will not count, or worse still, votes will not be counted. It will be a direct capture, hollow ritual and simulated landslide. In short, the APC may have concluded plans to create another governor through “the Ben Johnson way”, just as the party did in Imo State with Chief Hope Uzodinma.

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The choice of Chief Uzodinma simply means that the party is proud of the iniquitous process that brought him to power in Imo State. It also means that his chaotic rule, poor performance, draconian and inhuman policies and stifling of all democratic institutions in Imo have the endorsement of the APC. And this sorry situation in Imo is what they now wish to recreate in Anambra.

When Chief Uzodinma was similarly appointed by his party to go to Edo State to murder democracy, his attempts were resisted by Edo people. Anambra people must now rise up and save democracy.

By Collins Opurozor

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