Amaeke Abam Council of Elders Applauds Orji Kalu’s Edu-Infrastructural Revolution; Vowed His Return in 2027

Community project attracted and facilitated by Sen. (Dr.) Orji Uzor Kalu, the Senator representing Abia North Senatorial District of Abia State.
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Amaeke Abam Council of Elders Applauds Orji Kalu’s Edu-Infrastructural Revolution; Vowed His Return in 2027

Following the infrastructural revolution of the Senator representing Abia North, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, the elders of Amaeke Abam community in Arochukwu local government have joined other communities of Abia North, as they applauded the redefinition of the academic standards brought to their communities by Senator Orji Kalu.

Informations fetched from Amaeke Abam community in Arochukwu have it that the reinforcement of belief in Orji Kalu by the elders and the people of Abam, were contained in their appreciation for his efforts in renovating classrooms and providing desks for the students as such dutiful efforts, shows the importance of investing in education and the wellbeing of the electorates.

Mr Chekwas Dennis, the assistant president general of Amaeke Abam Development Union, who spoke on behalf of the council of elders of Amaeke Abam, Arochukwu local government area, said they were impressed with the rapid response of Senator Orji Kalu in the renovation of the classroom block and the timely delivery of fifty (50) desks that will help their children read and learn in a serene environment.

He said “We have every reasons to be happy and celebrate Orji Kalu, who brought such positive contributions to our community, especially in transforming Amaeke Abam Primary School. It’s crucial to have leaders who prioritize education and development. Celebrating progress and good leadership is important.

“The classroom block that was rescued by the intervention of Orji Kalu, here in Amaeke Abam Primary school was in a bad condition. As a matter of urgency, Orji Kalu have changed the story and today, we are having an edifice of a classroom block for our children to read and learn.

“Since the era of Senator Orji Kalu, we have got so much to talk about, if you move round Abia North, you will see lot’s of ongoing projects and also concluded projects facilitated by Kalu.

“That was the reasons we pinched our tents with his re-election. We have tested and seen for ourselves what good representatives brings to the community by electing good leaders and Orji Kalu have proven to be such a leader.”

Also, Mr Stephen Ike Okorafor, a youth from Amaeke Abam, while appreciating the people of Amaeke Abam community for voting wisely and massively for the Senator of the All Progressive Congress, in the 2023 election said they made no mistakes, working for the re-election of Orji Kalu. He said all their efforts to return Orji Kalu to the Senate is paying off now as seen with the enormous developments brought within a short period. He said that Orji Kalu is the best Senator so far, sent to represent Abia North since the history of democracy in the District, noting that they will persuade Kalu for the Senate again, in 2027;

“We have not seen Orji Kalu’s type since the history of our democracy. He has proven to be exceptional among equal. His approaches to issues have resulted to lasting solutions that reaches the grassroots. We, the youths of Abam are proud of Senator Orji Kalu and we will work with him and persuade him for the Senate again in 2027.

“We wanted the best, we have the best, voted the best, and Orji Kalu is the one we have trusted to bring the best representation to the people. He is doing exceptionally the job, we are sure he will do more.” Stephen said.

However, quality education is essential for the development of any community, and it’s remarkable to know that the efforts of Senator Kalu have been positively received and recognized by the people he represents.

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