ADAMAWA 2023) MAHMOOD BEGAT HUDU: Buhari’s parting gift to Nigeria

President Mohammadu Buhari
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(ADAMAWA 2023) MAHMOOD BEGAT HUDU: Buhari’s parting gift to Nigeria

By: Sam Onwuemeodo.

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Yakubu Mahmood, has gotten a standard. He has set a standard for the nation on how elections should be conducted . But not exemplary standard. Not a befitting standard. And the ugly standard has equally begun to bear fruits. But ugly fruits. Fruits, not worthy of emulation.

Ask me, Yakubu Mahmood has “begat” or has begotten or has given birth to Ari Hudu, the embattled Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, for Adamawa State. And with effect from February 25, 2023, Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians would continue to see or witness the Yakubu effects each election year . Many Yakubu Mahmoods. Products of Mahmood like Ari Hudu, in electoral bring this and take this. It has become a case of Yakubu Mahmood “begat” this and that.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission and DSS.
Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission and DSS.

Eleazar begat Phinehas; Phinehas begat Abishua; And Abishua begat Bukki; And Bukki begat Uzzi; And Uzzi begat Zerapiah; And Zerapiah begat Meraioth. ( 1 Chronicles 6: 4-7).

Ari Hudu, the Resident Electoral Commission, (REC) of Adamawa.
Ari Hudu, the Resident Electoral Commission, (REC) of Adamawa.

That is to say, a day begins a story. Beautiful or ugly. Mahmood has begun a story.

If the Adamawa State REC, Ari Hudu, didn’t watch or see Prof. Mahmood declaring losers, the winners in the February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly polls and in the March 18, 2023 State Assembly elections, he would not have done what he did weekend. He would not have imagined or dreamt of engaging in such absurdity.

He was part and parcel of the February 25 and March 18, 2023 absurdities. Eyesores. And Yakubu Mahmood was the architect. The Superintendent. And the whole charades stood. Certificates of Return were issued to those the people knew that they didn’t vote for, while those they voted for, were branded failures.Those who failed the elections. And he asked those not satisfied with the unfortunate development to go to Court. He also knew why he asked those aggrieved to go to Court, because, there, the story may not be different. You also have offsprings of Yakubu Mahmood. Those in the same School of thought with him.

For Ari Hudu, he took Mahmood’s outing or package as the rule. The practice, in lieu of the exception. lnstead of the unacceptable . He felt that if Yakubu could do it in Abuja, why would he not do it in Adamawa. The man announced the APC guber Candidate, Mrs Aisha Dahiru, known as Binam, winner of an election, the process was still on. The woman read her acceptance speech ten minutes after. What a man can do , a woman can do it and even better. Who say, women no dey?.

Hudu was able to draft the Commissoner of Police, Director of State Security Services and Commandant of Civil Defence Corps in the State, into his awkward enterprise. His unfortunate business. Just for money.

lt took the Returning officer, RO, in that election, Mele Lamido, to raise the alarm that let the cat out of the bag. But what if the RO had played along or was drafted to be part of the conspiracy? . The whole thing would have been concealed. And when those affected would be telling the World that there was no election or that the woman didn’t win the election she was declared winner, Some of us would have believed and some, would not have believed. But God would know all that happened. All that transpired.

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Looking at Ari Hudu’s grey hairs and his body, because he was stripped naked, you could give him eighty years, plus. At least, between seventy five and eighty five years.

You then ask, What must have led a likely great grand father into doing such a thing?. Money. Doo. Some people call it moni. What if those who stripped him naked had thrown caution to the wind and decided to send him to ” Abuja” to meet with the IG?. You could imagine the scenario.

Until people begin to appreciate the fact that, whatever one does in life has its own repercussions, they would continue to live and behave as if it ends with their actions and inactions here . But that’s not true. Nobody invented the laws of karma, Nemesis and Retributive Justice. They are called natural laws. And they are superior and more result orientated that man-made laws or ordinances. lf Hudu was paid one billion naira to do what he did, he would pay for it one way or the other. Even when he is no more, those he left behind would inherit both assets and liabilities. The reason you see some late billionaire homes being “desolate or destitute”. Looking abandoned.

lf Hudu decides to keep the billions for the Children without spending one naira out of the lot, God could decide to showcase the man’s foolishness by giving the Children the spirits of pleasure and leisure . Or, that of quarrel. And they would blow the billions in months and go back to the level meant for them by God or nature.

lf Hudu decides to buy properties with the billions, when he leaves the Children could also begin to sell all and lavish the money, and if care is not taken, they would go and begin to live in rented apartments. The way of ill gotten money.

Some would travel overseas with part of the money. The spirit would plant Delilahs around them just to prove that man isn’t God and can’t be God.

ln the case of Hudu , Prof. Yakubu played the fast one. Hudu copied from him, but he decided to become hypocritical. He decided to judge Hudu because he has the yam and knife. Or, he was angry that the man wanted to eat alone. lt became a matter of since you had eaten alone, l would make you “die” alone. What Hudu did was what he learnt from Yakubu. But Yakubu decided to do what David did over the death of Uriah. Yakubu decided to use Hudu as image laundry tool.

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David had masterminded the death of Uriah through his army Commander Joab, to enable him take over Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife. God became angry and sent Prophet Nathan to confront David over that.

Nathan came and began by telling David the story of a rich man who had many flocks and herds. But the poor man only had one little ewe lamb. But the rich man took the poor man’s one lamb and gave it to a traveller, instead of taking one from his flocks and herds. He then asked David what should be the punishment for the rich man? David said , the rich man ” shall surely die”. Nathan told David that he was the rich man. Nathan told David the story of how he left his many wives and killed Uriah because of his one wife, Bathsheba. David began to cry. The rest became history. 2 Samuel 11and 12.

Yakubu Mahmood is David. Hudu, for the sake of emphasis, represents Uriah. But there is no Nathan to confront Yakubu as we write. Let him know that what he did on February 25 and March 18, 2023 , were not different from what Ari Hudu did in Adamawa last weekend.

ln other words, Hudu is Mahmood’s gift to the nation. To Nigerians. And by implication, Mohammadu Buhari’s parting gift to Nigeria and her people.

At a time Nigerians seemed to have forgotten about ballot box snatching, writing of fictitious election results, using armed security personnel to harass the electorate and announcing fake election results, Yakubu brought those ugly memories back with a bang. And that is to say, the nation’s democracy has been taken backward by several kilometres.

Under Yakubu’s INEC, election results of States in the South East had been announced in states in the North Central and so on. The whole thing remains annoying and nauseating.

Hudu was unlucky. His own trap caught nkapi. Had l known has remained the language of the weak in spirit. Eat today and die today or tomorrow.

Of course, unknown to the Adamawa REC, Yakubu has been having sleepless nights, having murdered sleep. And has been looking for who to use as sleeping tablet or use to ease the self generated tension or heat. Unfortunately for Hudu, he made himself available. The police had been ordered by INEC to arrest and prosecute him. Yakubu’s sacrificial lamb.

All these have only shown that, those expected to set the pace for average Nigerians to follow, have told all and sundry that they do not have what it takes to set a pace, because to them, the nation has gone beyond redemption. You use a Professor as REC or as RO with the belief that he would not be cheap and the same professor would be the one to tell you to forget that. And ask you whether what he would eat, is professorship. In the circumstance, you look disappointed.

All in all, we shall continue to clap for Jesus.

By Famous Reporters

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