ABIA 2023: Elections No Longer Won By Dumping 80k Unknown Votes, Our Confidence Mascot Kalu, Unbeatable (OPINION)

Chief Mascot Uzor Kalu.
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ABIA 2023: Elections No Longer Won By Dumping 80k Unknown Votes, Our Confidence Mascot Kalu, Unbeatable (OPINION)

By Bernard Ogbe

As the public brace up for the 2023, elections that is triggering sensations on electing people that will work and redefine the state of Abia, voters are in full collaborations to see a new turn, to the state’s affairs, by electing credible leaders.

Holding on to the views of Abians, ahead of the elections, with the fears, of if the election will hold successfully, following the nation’s insecurity into the elections, should the elections hold as planed, it’s expected that Chief Mascot Kalu, will emerge the winner of the governorship poll, in Abia state.

With the understanding, that the 2023 election will not be that usual script, played by the PDP, in Abia State, where votes are manufactured from Abia south (Ngwa), to win elections, it’s of good practice to enjoin Abians, to disregard the lost confidence on INEC’s past capacities that has leveraged on or psychological opinions about the conduct of elections in Nigeria, and come out en-mass to vote Chief Mascot Kalu, for our votes this time is guaranteed, to count, in this 2023 elections.

We are grateful to God, for yet another opportunity to get it right, to put Abia state again on a workable track, to make Abians, feel the impacts of governance once again.

It’s our duties as citizens to elect good leaders. Leaders that are connected with the people, leaders that feel the pains of the people and also, leaders that will work for the benefit of the people.

We have heard a lot of promises from this politicians. One thing for sure is that, most of them are saying the same thing. Abians must not be confused, with all they say. Abians must wash their eyes well enough this time as such an opportunity can only be available again in another long four (4) years and we can’t afford to get it wrong and end up stocked in this shambles and manipulations of these politicians.

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On the premises of sound educational background, life exposures, countenance and competence should our desires rest upon, in the search for a Governor for Abia state and this falls on the stable of the young Mascot Kalu, who is certified with remarkable qualities that can push for vigorous development for Abia people.

The time, when votes are manufactured are gone. Those era, when our mandates were stolen by falsifying results in the tone of eighty thousand unknown votes (80k), from Abia south (Ngwa), to win elections, are buried for ever.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has woken up from their slumber and are now ready to let the voice of every single Nigerian, heard by making our votes count through the use of technology, the Bimodal Voting Accreditation System (BVAS), Which had been used as tested in some states of the federation.

Following this developments, no Abians, nor Nigerians in general can blame politicians but rather, blame themselves for electing wrong leaders, in the event of any mismanagements of the mandates given to them on trust.

As with the case of Abia State, where the ruling political party, the PDP, had in previous elections, held sway by dubiously wining elections in virtually all elective seat of the state, from governor to the National Assembly, state house of assembly, the local government and then to the council chairman, irrespective of the party’s static performance that has dethroned the number one state, Abia, the signing into law of the new electoral laws that included the use of BVAS, should be one of our topmost celebrated feat of this President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration.

Now, it can be said that the power is in the hands of Nigerians, to make their choices on who we deem fit, to give us all our needs. Abians can not jeopardize this God given opportunity. Those days when over eighty thousand unknown votes (80k) are collated into the election results have become the thing of the past.

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As unremarkable it were, for the PDP, in Abia state, the numbers of votes they usually give to the presidency, can never be the same, in 2023. So, those unbelievable votes squeezed in to win the governorship elections in previous electioneering years, will be waited for, to test the popularity of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in this 2023 elections in Abia state.

Boldly, Abians can take a deep breath as the PDP will be cut to size, in this 2023 election, in Abia state.

It’s in the hands of Abians to now prove to the world, if the PDP in Abia state had been their choice. It’s imperative for the world to know if Abians are truly God’s own people, derived from a God’s own state, in our choice of governor for the 2023 election.

A vote for competency is a vote for Chief Mascot Kalu, a man who is experienced, capable, ready and equal to the task of redefining Abia State, in terms of the decayed infrastructural developments and stomach infrastructures that has seared off before our eyes.

Chief Mascot Kalu, having the leadership capacity to drive the states economy, is expected to take drastic actions and measures on the epidemic status of the state, starting from day one in office. The power to do the work, combined with the power of dutiful delegations will within his first four years in office, reshape Abia state, in good terms.

It’s of great enthusiasm to expect that Chief Mascot is compared to none, among those in the race for the Governorship position in Abia state. Being this recognized, Abians must at this point, take the bull by the horn and make that decision they’ve always wanted, for the interest and the future of Abia state.

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