A salute to Dr Alex Otti on Hon Acho Obioma’s appointment … By Journalist Obinna Ibe

Hon. Acho Obioma
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A salute to Dr Alex Otti on Hon Acho Obioma’s appointment … By Journalist Obinna Ibe

Since on the 11th day of July,2023, Abia State Governor,Dr Alex Chioma Otti released yet another sets of political appointees,and the name of Hon Acho Obioma ( Chomen) was among the political appointees,some people were excited over the good news,but some mischief makers went to town with biased colouration or interpretation as to why should the Governor Alex Chioma Otti rewards the captain of conquering squad with such a lesser befitting appointment.

Detractors in their estimation felt that the position of Special Adviser on Political affairs to the Governor given to Chomen is to say the least, to ridicule the personality and
political status of the experienced former federal law maker,

Critics wondered why should it be so, moreso to one who worked diligently at the forefront to secure victory for the candidate and party.

For those who think that his pp appointment as a Special Adviser to the Governor on political affairs is demeaning, a let down position,not befitting to Chomen given his political clout as a fearless and experienced politician,it is not true, it is appointment where experience of the appointee should come handy .
if there is anything, Abia State Governor should be applauded for Hon Acho Obioma in that capacity.

The appointment is geared towards maximizing the gains of his rich political experiences when viewed against the background of the ( Governor) as one coming from the private sector,this perhaps underscores the reason why Chomen’s appointment should be seen as a welcome development rather imputing unnecessary motives behind it.

Truly speaking,Dr Alex Chioma Otti needs deep political experience of Chomen stature to do well and secured his second term in office with ease if he continues with the way he is currently piloting the affairs in the State.

The question that stares one in face is this,why will some people look down on position of ” Special Adviser?

For the avoidance of doubt, let’s attempt definition of terms as Special Adviser and situate same under the context of the subject under review.

(1) The term “Special” means better,greater ,or otherwise different from what is usual.
Synonyms: exceptional, distinctive, distinct, individual.
In other words, Special connotes one who is different from others of the same kind, unique, being or having more than the usual, additional,extra .

2) Adviser:
Whereas synonyms of Adviser are as follows:counsellor, mentor, guide, consultant,consultee, confidant, right hand man,instructor, coach, trainer, teacher,guru, ,main man etc .

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While Commissioner is an official in charge of government ministry , department,or other organizations eg Police Commissioner, Commissioner for Environment,Finance ,Sports etc.

It therefore means that the post of Special Adviser is a dignified one meant for men of experience and distinction.

The governor has the discretion to appoint anyone as a Commissioner,but he must take extra pains on who he appoints as an “Adviser”, because.it is an appointment reserves for an appointee who should bring his wealth of experience to bear in advising his principal appropriately in critical areas of governance he does not have professional competence.

Drawing comparison between the two appointive positions: Adviser and Commissioner”
Whereas it is a truism to stress at this juncture that it requires knowledge, training, expertise, experience to function as a Special Adviser to the President,Governor etc , benefitting from experience of the appointee in past political offices held before, knowledge garnered in the area, etc this may not necessarily be so for appointment of one as a Commissioner, instances abound in the past where some of those appointed Commissioners lacked requisite knowledge, exposure experiences,with little or no sound education,yet they were appointed
often laced with party patronage,or appointment based on recommendation of one big man who is recommending Mr A. B and C to the President/Governor.

There was a case study of a particular past Commissioner nominee in the state who appeared at the Hallowed Chambers of Abia House of Assembly for Screening exercise ,when asked to give insight into his academic qualifications,he answered, I have B:SC 200 level, everybody burst into laughter, explaining further on what he meant as “B:SC 200 level,he said,he couldn’t finished his University education but only stopped at 200 level or at second year amidst laughter, though he was eventually cleared and posted to the ministry of Environment as a Commissioner,

This kind of above scenario cannot happen to one appointed based on merit,as in case of a special Adviser,it means that the appointee has professional competence, requisite knowledge, capacity and capability in that particular field, he is an expert, authority,has the knowledge know how to be saddled with such portfolio.

It is against this backdrop that one should applaud Dr Alex Chioma Otti for appointing his Campaign Director General as Special Adviser on Political affairs to advise him accordingly on intricacies involved in the murky waters of politics and politicking,of which Chomen is a political guru,has requisite knowledge, exposure and experience.

Granted that Hon Iheanacho Obioma ( a.k.a Chomen)
is a notable political figure in Nigeria whose name rings a bell, given his vast experiences in the political turf,as a political guru, and as one who has paid his dues in the political firmament of this country,this means that his appointment is well merited,and deserves encouragement to assist the governor to deliver.

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As a former member, House of Representatives,1999-2003, former
*Governorship candidate,AC ,2007,

  • Former Senatorial District aspirant ,
    *One time State Chairman of a party,APC
  • Held positions as Board Chairman to tertiary institutions of Higher learnings
  • Held several adhoc committee chairmen ,the experience garnered in these positions would be leverage on in new appointment, given the common clichea that experience is not bought over night or at Isigate market.

In addition,when Abia State Governor, Dr T A Orji was approached to return back to PDP by the then National Chairman of PDP,Dr Okwesiliodo Nwodo visited the Governor at Government House, Umuahia, Chomen,late Senator Uche Chukwumereije and one other were said to be the three wise man that negotiated cross over lobby by the Governor and teeming supporters,as T A Orji eventually won the return ticket in 2011.

Will any wise Governor not make use of experience of such a formidable politician? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Lastly,as the .DG,Dr Alex Chioma Otti Campaign organization for 2023 Governorship election,under whose able leadership,the Labour Party Governorship candidate won overwhelmingly the 2023 Guber election at the expense of PDP,not even advantage of having a sitting governor and anointed candidate..

Interestingly enough,all these accumulated experiences will be useful to function in that capacity, therefore,well meaning Abians should salute Otti for making a right choice and encouraging Chomen to accept same,this would no doubt , enable our governor to deliver on his campaign promises.

For me,as his brother,who had followed his political trajectories, handled his media jobs,in the past, and as one who is conversant with the workings in the Government circle,I have no doubt that this appointment will yield the desired result for the governor .

This is indeed a great move from the jinx broken Governor should be commended for rather than looking at it as a degrading one .

Obviously,my final take is that with the appointment of Hon Acho Obioma as a Special Adviser on Political affairs to the Governor, is well merited,well dignified and not meant for political neophytes.

Let’s therefore throw our full weight behind this political heavy weight for he must certainly deliver and continue to add value to Dr Alex Chioma Otti Labour Party led Administration in Abia State.

Chief (Journalist) Sam Obinna Ibe
is a public affairs analyst writes from Ogbodiukwu, Umuopara Umuahia South.


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