Dumebi On A Timely Mission To Rescue Nigeria

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2023: Dumebi On A Timely Mission To Rescue Nigeria

 Aaron Mike Odeh


No doubt, there’s time and season for everything under the sun so said King Solomon which Islamically means; Sulieman. To King Solomon, the wisest man who ever existed on the planet earth, there’s time to be born, time to die, time to laugh and time to cry etc.


To this effect and in all standard, even without hearing from soothsayers, our dearest country, Nigeria at the moment is going through the most difficult time since she got her Independent from the hands of the Colonial Masters, on the 1 of October, 1960.


So, without mincing words, Nigeria needs a capable hand, a TECHNOCRAT, one with a heart of gold and passionate about rescuing Nigeria to avert the imminent collapse of the ship carrying the country. However, I simply can’t hold back my immense happiness and joy as the just concluded Presidential Primaries Elections of all the recognized registered Political Parties, have indeed, given every Nigerian who have attained the age of voting, great opportunities to keenly scrutinize the presidential flag bearers of the various Political parties and then, choose someone with great passion, blessed and highly equiped with great capacities, to guarantee better life for every Nigerian. This will, in no doubts, help rescue Nigeria from the hands of those the hands of some political profiteers who have, over the years, evidently subjected the citizenry to abject penury.


Therefore, based on the scrutinization carried out by millions of Nigerians and group of respected Political and leadership analyst, it has come to our knowledge that; the most capable hands that every Nigerian should rally round him to rescue Nigeria and pilot It’s affairs as Nigeria’s next President as preparations towards the next general elections in Nigeria gets to its crescendo, is none other than His Excellency Dr. DUMEBI KACHUKWU, a business mogul, erudite scholar, Political juggernaut and a humble, detribalized and extremely intelligent Nigerian who has made a lot of positive impacts on the lives of so many Nigerians across borders irrespective of political affiliations, ethnicity, religion and parental background.


Of course, some people who may not have heard much about Dr. DUMEBI KACHUKWU, the Presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) may described this article as nothing but a mere praise singing. Well, they may be hundred percent right with their assertion, but, however, in view of the facts that the pains Nigeria is going through right now is far beyond putting it in theoretical ground but, it requires urgent actions.


However, I will like to crave your indulgence their audience and to patiently read through this article to the end. I know, the poor economy of the country and the mass insecurities going on in Nigeria is even enough to make some Nigerians deny being a Nigerian. Nevertheless, I am here to let everyone know that Dr. DUMEBI KACHUKWU is by no manner of means, like them. You see, the only way to know Dr DUMEBI KACHUKWU, is to know him, and to know him is to love him because, he’s an epitome of kindness, humility, generosity, benevolence and above all, he is God-fearing.

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And lest I forget, I cannot continue to write about the Rescue Nigeria Missions without first and foremost giving a brief historical background of what led to the current snail-paxe movement of the affairs of the nation. After the independent, though I wasn’t then born, but based on the history at hand for us the upcoming generations to assimilate, the expectations were so high from those that took over the affairs of Nigeria. It was so high because, our then national leaders felt they had all the required leadership prowess to pilot the affairs of Nigeria, little wonder they reason they vehemently fought against white rules which they eventually triumphed over white dominations. I am talking about our great nationalist of the blessed memory like Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Alhaji Aminu Kano, Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Obafemi Awolowo etc. Of course, some of them like Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa assumed position as Prime Minister, Azikiwe became the first executive President and Awolowo and others as Premier of their various regions with well built capacities, dreams, visions and passions to continue with the solid developmental foundations put in place by the colonial masters to give Nigeria the best leadership across borders. However, with the passing of time, coupled with the nefarious activities of some satanic and disgruntled elements, Nigerians who have unquenchable appetite and quest for materialism, the dreams and visions of our freedom fighters began to derails, leading to a battle and eventual Millitary intervention. And as envisaged by the colonial masters, the Millitary intervention paved the way for sentimental styles of leadership as well as religious, ethnic and Political affiliations. The negative effects of the coup that toppled the Tafawa Balewa and Nnamdi Azikiwe led Government was what angered the likes of Colonel Ojuckwu of the blessed memory to declared Republic of Biafra, the aftermath of the war no doubt derailed the fantastical visions and dreams of freedom fighters from physical manifestations. Since then, Nigeria has never had it good with the leadership of the country. It had been from one leadership colossal failure to another coupled with mass looting of the country wealth, unnecessary hates, killings and divisions among the tribes, ethnicity and religion which shouldn’t have been, but has been in existence as a result of poor leadership.

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In this connection, a good public affairs analyst maybe right to demand whether we should continue to wallow in the pains as ochestrated by the past and present leaders of Nigeria? Of course, we cannot continue to wallow in it. We have to move on. Yes, our past leaders and present leaders might have indeed failed us woefully, nevertheless, we have to put ourselves together to rescue Nigeria because, a better Nigeria shall definitely makes every Nigerians better and, we cannot have a better Nigeria until we all rise up to speak with one voice by putting aside Political affiliations, ethnicity, religion and parental background to rally round His Excellency Dr DUMEBI KACHUKWU to rescue Nigeria from total collapse..


Besides, even most countries that are today referred to as developed countries somehow went through a lot of challenges.. But, their unrelentles efforts and determination made them to put behind their pains and collectively put head together to rescue their countries. If those countries can become great, no doubt Nigeria rescue movement Missions shall be successful to as well place Nigeria in the map of the developed countries on the planet earth..


Therefore, this is not the time for every dearest citizens of Nigeria to lay blame on the past and present leaders of Nigeria.. Of course, they have failed us in all standard, However, we should forget about their errors and wake up to Rescue Nigeria with the Presidential candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) in person of His Excellency Dr DUMEBI KACHUKWU, a philanthropist and a nationalist with great passions to deploy his wealth of knowledge to mobilize Nigerians across borders to rescue Nigeria from total collapse.


Indeed, Nigeria needs a good captain at this crucial point else, the ship containing every Nigerians will sink deep into the Atlantic Ocean and then, it will be too late and even too difficult to employ professionals to rescue it. It’s time for us to wake up from our slumber, team up with Dr DUMEBI KACHUKWU to rescue Nigeria. There’s no better time and opportunity than now, as the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari rounding up with his last tenure. So, with Dr DUMEBI KACHUKWU, the rescue Nigeria movement Missions is definitely certain and must be accomplished..


Composed by: Aaron Mike Odeh, an Abuja base Media Consultant and a Public Affairs Analyst

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