2023: “Your re-election non-negotiable” Eleoha, Ikwun, Abam reassure Sen. Kalu

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
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2023: “Your re-election non-negotiable” Eleoha, Ikwun, Abam reassure Sen. Kalu

Constituents of Eleoha, Ikwun and Abam wards have resolved to strengthen their trust in the legislative stewardship of Senator Orji Kalu representing their Senatorial district, Abia-North at the National Assembly citing his ability to expedite iconic developmental projects and human capacity empowerment in their community.


In continuation of his 2023 reelection campaign , Kalu the Senate Chief Whip had on Monday and Tuesday visited and interacted with constituents of the following wards: Eleoha Wards; 1, 2, 3 4, Ikwun Ward 1 and 2; Ohaeke Abam ward, Ohafor Abam Ward 2, Nda Agwu , Etiti Abam , Ovukwu ward and Ozua-Abam.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
Senator Orji Uzor Kalu


The entire wards at serepate procurements made by their community leaders and party faithfuls on Tuesday made their declaration to back Kalu, candidate of the All Progressive’s Congress, back to the Senate.


They submitted that Orji Kalu’s re-election sacrosanct citing projects he executed in their community which include; The roads of; Ihechiowa Ohafia to Uzoakuma, Umuchi – Akuma ,Uburu – Ihechiowa, 2km Atan – Ihechiowa, on going Ihechiowa Road to be linked to Aro – Umuuzombo – Opkor, Atani , Ozu Abam and the distribution of textbooks, installation of Solar lights, school constructions were also testified to by the electorates.


Speaking during an engagement at Ebem Achara where Kalu met with residents of Eleoha Ward 3 , prominent community stakeholder , Chief Joe Eze Aroh said that Senator Kalu is the only public office holder that has always remembered their community through his project and empowerment drive.


Joe spoke of Kalu’s impacts ; “We’ve had one who was there for 12 years with nothing to show for but in three years ,Orji Kalu has demonstrated his capacity through some of the projects he has built for us. “Kalu carries everyone along and makes sure none is left out, he has proven that he can do more when reelected. So we have decided to strengthen our trust in his leadership ability and we shall ensure that his maximum votes will remain intact come February 25th.

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Similar assertions were made by Joe Aroh at other wards he visited alongside the Senate Chief and his team.


Community Leader at Eleoha Ward , Njoku Kalu asserted that since the election of Kalu in 2019 their localities have witnessed some positive changes of Government presence as a result of some of the projects initiated by Senator Kalu.


At Ikuwn ward, the APC Ward Chairman, Kalu Ndu announced the vote of confidence passed on to Kalu by the community saying that the Lawmaker had proven that empowerments were beyond edible and financial inducements.


Ndu said the Senate Chief Whip deserved reelection based on his uprightness ; “Our resolve is to send you back to the Senate, you have done 100% more in less than three years than those who were there for 12 years. Your good works speak for you and we will vote massively for you and your party come February 25th”.


APC candidate for Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency, Dan Okeke harped on the need for the voters to cast their mandate for both himself and Senator Kalu. According to Okeke he had the experience and proven his ability through the basic amenities he built in the community in his private capacity.IMG 20230202 WA0002w


Okeke urged the electorates to vote for him in order to bolster the infrastructural impacts made by Senator Kalu in their district. Daniel also insisted that Orji Kalu had proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he would do more when reelected.


Huge gatherings were witnessed at Abam wards where the residents applauded Senator Kalu for his works and declared their solidarity for his election into the 10th Senate.


Basic infrastructures installed by Kalu in his three years were further mentioned at Ohaeke Abam ward, Ohafor Abam Ward 2, Nda Agwu , Etiti Abam , Ovukwu ward and Ozua-Abam.


Community Leader of Ohaeke Abam ward , Hon. Eke Kalu stated that they would reward Kalu with their votes in appreciation for his positive works in their localities.


He said; “Idima Abam is fully for APC and we have decided to reaffirm our resolve to support your return to the Senate. Be rest assured that all our votes for you will be massive and fully intact.

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Another community leader, Chief Kalu Mba said that the Chief Whip had set a precedence;; “Orji Kalu has attracted good things to Idima Abam, we have benefited from his tenure as a first time Senator, it’s on that note we have concluded to adopt him as our Senate candidate and APC.


More praises were heaped on the Lawmaker at Ohafor Abam Ward 2 (Atani Village)where the Community Leader, Ukpai Kalu Ayi recalled the woes experienced by the community as result of the terrible state of the Atani road until the intervention of Senator Kalu.


Ayi thanked Kalu; “It was hell accessing our community before 2019, we used to park our vehicles outside the village before trekking to our houses but now that Kalu constructed this road we have been so relieved, we have no other option than to send him back to the Senate to continue his good works.


Acknowledging their endorsements, the Senate Chief Whip unveiled his plans to construct additional Kilometers of road networks including the building of more public utility infrastructures.


An announcement was also made by Kalu to provide every ward with cassava processing plants before the election day to assist rural farmers in food processing.


Kalu revealed his intent to do more when reelected; “Development is in phases,I have worked in other places, now it’s the turn of Idima for road and other infrastructures because you people have been patient enough, by the time I’m reelected with your mandate. Atani , Ozua-Abam roads are being built.


“Ndagwu Road has been awarded and contractors would commence work soonest, I have delivered in other wards and yours won’t be an exception. The electrical power in Abam was done by me when I was Governor. We will continue to expand our roads and other infrastructures in Abam, especially building the Ndi Oji to Ozua-Abam road.

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