2023 Igbo Presidency: NA4A Reveals Why Anyim Pius is Best Candidate

Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim, former Secretary to the federal government of Nigeria.
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2023 Igbo Presidency: NA4A Reveals Why Anyim Pius is Best Candidate

In view of the forthcoming 2023 Presidential election, group known as Nigerians Ask For Anyim, (NA4A) has has described Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim, a former Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, (SFG), as a ‘Round Peg in a round’ in piloting to affairs of Nigeria.

NA4A, a political movement, who restated that former SFG, Anyim remained the best candidate to realise the long-awaited dream of the Igbo presidency, come 2023 election, haven built bridges, hence possesses the political network to sway support from every part of the country.

A release issued by the spokesman of the group, Suleiman Abdullahi, yesterday, in Abuja, disclosed that NA4A had been leveraging on the network of its members across Nigeria to engender participation in electoral processes through consultations, citizen engagements.

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Abdullahi pointed out that the group drew its membership from among Nigerians who believe in the capacity and competence of Anyim to provide credible and good leadership at Nigeria’s presidency in 2023.

He said: “It is purely a gathering of Nigerians across the entire country who have taken steps to demand Pius Anyim to contest the 2023 Presidential Election.

“At the fore of its efforts, the group has consistently engaged the political process and Nigerians to strategically position Most Distinguished Senator (Dr) Pius Anyim as the most preferred and suitable candidate for president come 2023,” he stated.

“NA4A also engages extensively with a large number of professionals, community, and faith-based groups to pursue this noble idea in the country.

“The operations of NA4A are based on building trust in leadership, good governance, and effective management of resources that will bring rapid development and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria, Abdullahi added.

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The group, however, assured that it was prepared to summons whatever challenges that may be encountered in the cause of their mobilisation efforts.

“There are undoubtedly numerous unforeseen challenges which may constrain our efforts and attainment as a stakeholder, but we need not be deterred. Rather, we will assiduously work together to deal with the impediment to the integrity of the polity which is presently bedeviling our country.

“Let’s reassure all, that if we work together for a common purpose, much good will be done to our polity and the country at large. As stakeholders, we should not be influenced in our decisions by our ethnoreligious affiliations rather, our focus should be on who has the charisma and political will to carry on the duties of governance, ” the statement reads.

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