2023: Fight Your Battle, Don’t Quiver, Be Part Of Change, Wealthy Nation Global Urges Nigerian Youths

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2023: Fight Your Battle, Don’t Quiver, Be Part Of Change, Wealthy Nation Global Urges Nigerian Youths

By Charity Uwakwe

Wealthy Nation Global Institute, a sociopolitical organization has urged Nigerian youths to courageously fight squarely and relentlessly to ensure that their long awaited change could be effected through the forthcoming 2023 general election.

Speaking yesterday at a conference, which held at Terminus Hotel, in Aba, the commercial bane of Abia State, on the topic: ‘The Role Of Government in Setting Up the Youths As Vanguards For Economic Sustainability’, the president of Wealthy Nation Global Institute, Apostle James Godfrey reiterated the need for every Nigerian youth to be empowered.

The President who was represented by Pastor Joe Uche of The Assemblies of God Church, Aba, described the youths indispensable tools in achieving economic sustainability in every society, as he charged the latter to arm themselves fully with the sound knowledge of their roles obligations
in governance.

Pastor Joe Uche
Pastor Joe Uche

“We intend to empower the youths, grow them and make sure that they’re ready for the task ahead, knowing their roles and those of the Government so that they’ll not be deceived.”

Apostle James emphasised the importance of electing good leaders with an outstanding sense of accountability in a democratic setting, stressing that, “we need to make the government accountable and the only way we achieve this is by voting in a government that is accountable and accessible”, h e advised.

Wealthy Nation Global Institute
Wealthy Nation Global Institute

Meanwhile, attendance at the conference were; Dr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, represented by Engr. Joseph Ngozi Nkoro, Dr. Alex Otti, the Labour Party candidate for Abia State who was represented by Engr. Chinedu Onyeizu, the Abia South Senatorial Candidate, and other stakeholders of the Obi-Datti presidential movements.

Speaking on behalf of the party’s Presidential candidate, Engr. Joseph Nkoro stakeholder of the Young People’s Party, YPP regretted the Impacts of bad Government on the citizenry, as he stressed the need for Nigerians particularly the youths to be politically aware and participatory.

Engr. Joseph Ngozi Nkoro
Engr. Joseph Ngozi Nkoro

According to the 2019 YPP guber candidate in Abia, the only means through which youths could become relevant in the society is by involving fully in the politics of the day.

“The young people, in order to be relevant in the society must participate in politics. The youths must be alert about the happenings in the country.
It’s glaringly clear that what is happening today in Nigeria is directly affecting everyone. ASUU was on strike for months yet the Government we voted in showed zero interest in the education and interest of the youths.

“This election is going to be a different one because we’re not going to vote party but individuals. There should be a laid down measure for selecting whoever we’re going to vote.”

Outlining the prerequisites for selection, Nkoro said: “qualities such as capacity, acumen, intelligence, proficiency, efficiency, etc must be found in that individual and of course, must have proven clean records. And coming down to Abia, anyone who has had or has dealings with the present Government has soiled his hand already.

Addressing Journalists, the former YPP Governorship candidate who is a die-hard supporter of Peter Obi and one of the facilitators at Wealthy Nation Global Institute, restated that the forthcoming 2023 general election would no longer be “same old story”, rather would follow a different routine.

Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed
Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed

“This election is going to be different, that I can assure you. And we’re not going to vote along party lines, we are going to vote for candidates. It’s going to be based on capacity, competence and evidence of proof of past records.
We’re not going to consider party so it’s not a question of which party”.

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Asked whether he was a member of YPP, Nkoro said:
“Yes, I’m a stakeholder of YPP, in Abia State and I’ll always be.

In his remarks, Engr. Chinedu Onyeizu, the Abia South Senatorial Candidate, who represented the Labour Party candidate for Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti MFR, enjoined the youths to eschew party loyalty and run issue-based politics thereby supporting the best candidates with capacity, efficiency and good past records.

Alex Otti
Alex Otti

He Otti as a people oriented leader, as he informed Abians of the latter’s unflinching zeal to eradicate poverty from the State through the process of job creation and provision of conducive environments for manufacturing Industries emerge.

“His Excellency, Dr. Alex Otti has a very elaborate Programme for young people. The development of youths of Abia State is dear to his heart. He’s committed to LP’s mantra of moving us being consumers to becoming producers. That would go a long way in creating jobs for young people and reduce unemployment”.

The Aba South Senatorial candidate emphasised the imperative obligations of the Government in the lives of the youths which range from provision of enabling grounds for investors to set up businesses, thereby creating employment opportunities for the teaming youths of the nation.

Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed
Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed

“Government is a stakeholder in the whole business; Government has to create the enabling environments for companies to set up businesses and employ our youths. So, that’s the key role of government in empowering young people and this tallies with our matra in the Labour Party. We’re in the business of developing the value chain of different kinds of raw materials and services that you can think of.

“We believe that if the value chain of different sectors are well developed, organically, it will create jobs for our youths, our graduates and curtail the rate of unemployment in our states and nation in general. So, that’s the role Government has to play.”

Engr. Chinedu Onyizi
Engr. Chinedu Onyzi

Furthermore, Engr. Onyeziu expressed acrimony over the devastating condition of Abia State over the years, which he blamed on bad government, while lamenting that the State and Nigeria in general, was long overdue for infrastructural revamping.

From (R-L): Engr. Chinedu Onyizi and Engr. Joseph Nkoro
From (R-L): Engr. Chinedu Onyeizu and Engr. Joseph Nkoro

Speaking in an exclusive interview with famousreporters.com, the prospective Senator who called on the youths to see themselves as stakeholders in the process of nation building, appealed to the youths to endeavour to obtain their PVC’s and ensure that they go out en mass to vote, during the elections.

“I need young people to come out en mass during the elections. Most of them must have registered for their PVC’s and I encourage them to go pick up their PVC’s and they need to realise that their destiny is in their hands. So, they need to be part of the process to elect right leaders, they need to see themselves as critical stakeholders in the process of building a nation”

He urged youths of Abia to support Labour Party in state and at the national in general, noting that “Labour Party is a lot different from other parties and has all it takes to do the necessary overhauling of all sectors of our economy, both in the State and Nigeria.

“Our health care support service in the country is at its zero level; our roads are impassable and obviously death traps particularly here in Abia State and these are the major things, among others that Labour Party has come to resolve. And I want to let us all know that Labour Party is different from other parties and we shall stop at nothing in restoring the dignity of this state and country.

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“With Dr. Alex Otti as the next Governor of Abia and Mr. Peter Obi, as the next President, Nigerians will definitely feel a fresh breathe.

“As Candidate for Abia South Senatorial, I’m undeterred; I’m determined to fight with my team to ensure that we take back our country. Certainly, I’m vying against a sixteen (16) year sitting Senator and, therefore, I’m calling on you for your prayers and support.

“I’ll promote Laws that would make tertiary institutions financially independent so there’ll be no cause for the withdrawal of accreditation. We would not have a repeat of what happened to Abia Polytechnic and within my first tenure, I’ll work towards making Abia Poly a federal Polytechnic”, he vowed.

Addressing newsmen, Pastor Joe who also a facilitator at Wealthy Nation Global Nation posited that the Church had decided to play vital roles in effecting the needed change, through the process of enlightening the present day’s youths on what is expected of them in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

“Because of the season we are in today and the ministry being part of the young people, we decided to organize this conference to enlighten our people by inviting some facilitators who would talk to the young people about ‘the role of Government in empowering youths as vanguards for economic sustainability’.”

He, therefore, enjoined the youths not to be deterred by any form of political manipulation, whatsoever in the extant battle to recover the lost wealth of Nigeria.

He implored Nigerian youths to throw their weights behind the most efficient and credible candidate in the 2023 election, thus ensuring that the returns to its state as the ‘Giant of Africa’, as it were.

“My advice for the youths is for them to stand, know their ground, be strong, fight their battle and make sure they’re part of the change that we’ll have in this country and in the State, Abia.”

On the stand of the church as it regards the presidential ambition of the Labour Party flag bearer in the forthcoming 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi, hence Obi-Datti movement, the Minister said: “We’re obidient, as he used the medium to implore the church and Nigerians to support unalloyedly the the former Governor of Anambra State.

According to the Pastor at Assemblies of God Church, AG, “it is by voting Obi that our long desired change will be actualised. So, I’m appealing to them to come out en mass, let us all vote for Obi as the next President of this country.”

Corroborating, Mrs. Linda Monday Peter and Dr. Uche Ajawara, stakeholders of Nigerian Youths Movement and Support for Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed, (NYMPODA), a support group for the Obidient Movement, emphasised the urgent need for the youths to arise and fight vigorously and ensure that power goes to a credible candidate who has the capacity to rescue the Nigerian nation.IMG20221029151210

They called on Nigerian youths not to yield to the selfish desires of the political political profiteers who would want to use them for thuggery to win the election thus throwing them into everlasting bondage and penury.IMG20221029155310

They urged the youths to unreservedly support the Obi-datti movement, saying Obi’s emergence as the next President of Nigeria would mark an end to the age long suffering of the people.

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