THE MAN CHIEF HENRY IKO: APC Unifying Factor In Abia 

Chief Henry Ikechukwu Ikoh
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THE MAN CHIEF HENRY IKO: APC Unifying Factor In Abia Chief Henry Ikechukwu Ikokwu



The APC in Abia has not been clandestine in their activities. One figure has been constant whenever building bridges and maintaining peace is concerned in the All Progressives Congress APC, Abia state chapter, the South East and indeed the nation.


This unifying figure is Chief Henry Iko who believes that a house divided against itself cannot stand. This could be attested to by the unreserved support given to him in a bid to make him the National Vice Chairman of the party, South East, and his support for the leadership of the party in Abia as recognized and supported by the national leadership of the party.

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Chief Iko says : “ I have spent time and resources talking to aggrieved party factions and doing everything possible to reconcile all aggrieved persons so that the party can present a unified formidable front in the general election come 2023.”


Every political party structure understands the importance and usefulness of political unifiers such as Chief Henry Iko.


Chief Henry Iko’s political bandwidths is limiting if measured in terabytes. Only the blind grope around the elephant to describe it.


The APC as a political party in Abia state does not need the kind of upset it is being programmed for that may likely cost it dearly at the general polls in 2023 if Chief Iko is not encouraged to be further motivated in his bridge building antecedent.

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There are rumours from the grapevine that a candidate who did not participate in the senate primaries is being propped up by certain uncharitable elements in party to be the party’s flag bearer for Abia Central. The party, known for its position against impunity, corruption and injustice cannot possibly be mixed in an outright negation of self.


A well deserved party’s backing for Chief Henry Iko as the party’s senatorial flag bearer for Abia Central is a step in the right direction.

(Alfred Right)



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