Russian invasion of Ukraine: Threat To Our Entire Post-War Order, Says Germany Government… Declares Support For Ukraine

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Russian invasion of Ukraine: Threat To Our Entire Post-War Order, Says Germany Government… Declares Support For Ukraine

The federal government of Germany has described the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia as a threat to their entire post-war order.

Germany has consequently, vowed to assist Ukraine in the extant war with Russia, by delivering arms to them after all.
According to Germany Spokesperson, Steffen Hebestreit, the federal government has decided to deliver 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 “Stinger” surface-to-air missiles from Bundeswehr astocks.

Hebestreit disclosed this on Saturday’s evening.

“The weapons will be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible.”

So far, the federal government had refused to deliver weapons to Kiev. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point. It threatens our entire post-war order,” said Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). “In this situation, it is our duty to do our best to support Ukraine in its defense against the invading army of Vladimir Putin. Germany stands close to Ukraine.”

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According to information from the Tagesspiegel, the Federal Chancellery, Foreign Office, Economics and Defense Ministries coordinated on this issue on Saturday.

With the decision, the federal government is making a U-turn. Ukraine had been asking for the delivery of defensive weapons for a long time, but the federal government had repeatedly refused, most recently on Thursday. So far, Germany had only promised 5,000 helmets. They were handed over to the Ukrainian armed forces on Saturday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his delight at the announcement. “Germany has just announced the delivery of anti-tank grenade launchers and Stinger missiles to Ukraine. Keep it up, Chancellor Olaf Scholz,” Zelenskyj wrote on Twitter on Saturday evening. “The Anti-War Coalition Acts!”

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The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin even acknowledged the government’s decision as a historic step. “We are glad that Germany has finally made this 180 degree turnaround,” said Ambassador Andrij Melnyk of the German Press Agency. “I have always told my German friends and the federal government that they will not be able to endure the terrible images of the war in Ukraine for long without reacting and changing course.”

For a long time he was “not taken seriously” with his warnings. “The Germans have finally woken up and started to act properly.” Melnyk hopes that it’s not too late now. “Now it is important to deliver the German weapon systems to the Ukrainian defenders as quickly as possible.” Ukraine is also hoping for further armament aid from Germany. “This war could go on for a long time. We all need staying power,” said Melnyk.

He also wants more economic help from Germany. “We also need a comprehensive economic rescue plan for Ukraine immediately, in which Germany should play a leading role.”

More on the Russian attack on Ukraine on Tagesspiegel Plus:
On Saturday, the federal government also gave two EU countries the green light to supply German-made weapons: it authorized the Netherlands to supply 400 German-made bazookas to Ukraine. This was confirmed to the daily mirror from government circles. In such cases, the state concerned needs the green light from Germany.

Estonia may transfer nine artillery pieces and ammunition to Ukraine. There are nine howitzers that come from the stocks of the National People’s Army (NVA) of the GDR. The federal government had not approved a corresponding application from Estonia in the past few weeks.

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In addition, the federal government approved the delivery of 14 armored vehicles from Germany to Ukraine on Saturday. These would be used for personal protection and, if necessary, for evacuations. In addition, “up to 10,000 tons of fuel” are to be delivered to Ukraine via Poland.

“After Russia’s shameless attack, Ukraine must be able to defend itself,” declared Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economics Minister Robert Habeck (both Green).(with dpa)

Meanwhile, as at Thursday, it was reported that Germany had begun preparing for Ukrainian refugee influx
Many people are fleeing the war zone in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The German government is gearing up for rapid aid and wants to support the local residents first.

According to the Report, “People in a subway towards a train to leave the city of Kyiv, Ukraine
People have started to try to leave Kyiv”.

“Ukraine is just two hours away from Germany by plane, only about 1,300 kilometers (810 miles). Experts assume that hundreds of thousands — possibly millions — of people will flee the country. Thousands have already begun to do so. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimated Friday that 100,000 people have left their homes inside Ukraine.

“We are very vigilant and prepared for all possible scenarios,” said German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser on Monday earlier this week, days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday. “We are preparing first and foremost to support Ukraine’s neighboring countries. That is the first scenario.”

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