10 YEARS EXTINCTION: Ikwuano Mayor, Nwaka revives Children’s Day Celebration In Council for private, public schools … Says children are part of our inclusive gov.

Comrd. Osinachi Nwaka, the Mayor of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State and President of New Era Foundation, (NEF).
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10 YEARS EXTINCTION: Ikwuano Mayor, Nwaka revives Children’s Day Celebration In Council for private, public schools
… Says children are part of our inclusive gov.

By Charity Uwakwe

It shall be a celebration galore for the children of Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, as the Mayor, Hon. Osinachi Nwaka is determined to restore their long lost joy and happiness, through the restoration of the famous Children’s Day Celebration in the Council.

FamousReporters.com gathered that the event which is celebrated across the nation had for a decade, gone into extinction in the community, thus making children feel a deep sense of belonging in the society.

However, in what seems like a twist of fate, Ikwuano children are waiting anticipatingly for the ‘D-Day’, during which their history would take a different turn, following the emergence of Nwaka as the Mayor of the Local Government.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our Correspondent, over the week, at his office, in Isiala Oboro, the former Banker and President of New Era foundation (NEF), a non-profit organisation bent on ameliorating the suffering of the people, expressed unreserved gratitude to the Almighty God, for using him as a vessel to restore hope to the people through the present administration of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, Ofr, the Executive Governor.

Amidst nostalgia, Nwaka insisted that Ikwuano children ought to be made to feel a sense of belonging, as was the tradition from inception, acknowledging the positive impacts of the celebration of the latter in the society.

Asked the importance of resuscitating the event in the community, Nwaka said:

“Anyways, it’s a good thing to give back to the children what most of us enjoyed when we were much younger, where children all over the country are given a new hope, given a sense of belonging by bringing them in contact with their leaders.

He disclosed that the present government of the Labour Party would leave no stone unturned in making the lots of all Abians better with the exception of none, adding that every child deserves equal rights¹.

“So, under this government, we have decided that we will honour the children on their special day and celebrate them. So, I, from Ikwuano Local Government, am so delighted to see all my children from secondary schools, primary schools including the private schools to come together and see their Mayor and interact with us. We also want to assure them there is a new hope of the government and that the government is taking care of them.”

The Mayor, amidst emotions, reiterated that children recounted the tragic abduction of three of our children from the same parents, whose whereabouts could not be ascertained after they were conveyed by their grandmother on their way back from school.

“Children are also part of the inclusive governance we are talking about, where every child matters a lot.
Just like what happened recently, a proof that we don’t play with any citizen of Ikwuano, i had to go all the way Ekwulobia in Anambra state, and with the assistance of the Commissioner of police and his men, we rescued one of the abducted children whom we lost about two weeks ago and subsequently, we rescued the second one the parents are happy. We are still in search of the remaining one. This is part of the things we are giving to the community to show that everybody matters, both the old, the young, the poor the rich,the boy the girl, the women, all matters in our government.

He used the medium to commend the Governor on his landmark achievements within the shortest time of his administration, describing the present government as a new dawn.

“Ideally the government of Dr. Alex Otti is a new dawn. When he said weep no more, he means all those beautiful things that we used to do which we don’t do again, weep no more, all will be restored back. Hope is restored back, even the children. So, I’m happy that I’m part of the things that Dr. Alex will be giving back to the children such as the forthcoming 27 May- Children’s Day. So it’s a day to look forward to, because we all enjoyed it when we were much younger.”

Furthermore, he explained that the children of Ikwuano Local Government Area from both private and government schools are happy with the government of Otti, as the event, he said had eluded them over the years.

“It is just like asking a child you’ve been owing 10 thousand naira for 10-years, each time the child wants to collect the money from you you’ve been posting the child, for over one decade now this ceremony has not been held. So, their joy knows no bounds, the feedback we’ve been getting from the teachers is that they look forward to seeing a day like that. So, that’s to let you know that every child is happy, and I’m happy to be the Mayor that will start up this in their lifetime. So it’s going to be fun for all of them.

“Everybody is so happy, all the headmistresses, principals, the teachers, all of them are cooperating with us. So, there’s an excellent collaboration between the schools and the council, as everyone looks forward to may 27. Even me, I’m in high spirit, I am trying to fix the stadium at the local government and make sure everything is okay . We are really getting set for our children.”

Highlights of the epoch making event he said, would include; match pass, cultural dances, “and possibly football match and a lot of fun we have mapped out for them”.

By Famous Reporters

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