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By RN Egbulefu

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Parents or guardians should ensure safety of their children by constant monitoring of their movements as rapes are on the increase.

Part of the attractions of this mischievous behaviours or social vice by lawless men are Hawkings or movements on errands by young girls during odd hours.

How can parents or guardians assign their underaged female children or housemaids to hawk articles like oranges or groundnuts which its commercial values may not be up to Two Thousand Naira?

Some irresponsible men lure such unfortunate hawkers with money above the commensurate costs of either items and rape them in lonely or isolated areas even in their cars.

Also another issue is beating and sending out housemaids, sleeping outside under colds at nights even at times such people are starved.

Any Parent or Guardian who does that is not achieving anything. It is not truly part of moral teachings or trainings.

In addition, some time ago, I saw a young girl about 14 to 16 years old crying very profusely while she leaned on the wall.  As a result, I asked her what was her problems where she revealed to me the cause of her shading tears.

She told me in confidence as a father, that her stepmother refuses to give her money anytime she was under her mensuration period to buy some toiletries. This objection to provide her with her periodic needs could encourage her to fell into the hand of men with lust attitudes.

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Every Christian should bear in mind that there is a day of judgement. If you are privileged to Head a Family on earth, you should not abuse the opportunity because everybody is under God who is a Supreme Master and has a final say. Note that every creature is on sojourn on earth.

For the recent case of the 16 years old girl who gave birth through caesarean operation  at Gbaja
Hospital in Lagos, now a mother by accident resulted as she was a destitute that exposed her to some ruffians in a Motor Garage that raped her resulting to pregnancy.

Everybody on earth has one relative or the other. Orphans or less privileged children should not be overlooked by their siblings or others who are in possessions to help.

Some Nigerians who claim to be  called by God are strenuously busy finding churches and members. Which helps or assistance have such godly people rendered to the needy?

Despite that the government has Orphanage or Charity Homes for underaged children, how many Christian churches have built
homes to help the children of circumstances or the government?

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Rather I have seen Schools and Hospitals built by some churches which its affordable costs of patronages seem like ‘White Elephant Expenses’ to non affluent people.

In any case, I am aware that Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church has homes for elderly people either picked from the streets or seconded to them by their wayward or dissident children. Also their hospitals are affordable apart from the schools that are ‘no go area’ for the poor.

The Church also has a department called St Vincent De  Paul that cares for the needy both Catholics/none Catholics are the beneficiaries
through funds being generated from some benefactors.

Other churches should equally borrow a leaf from the Universal church and establish such centres because God loves a cheerful giver.

Above all, some time ago a house wife invited a company’s staff to look into her gas cooker that was faulty, at the end, the Industrial Technician from a reputable company raped the woman’s housemaid as she was alone at home and detailed to oversee the man.

Parents should equally mind the type of people that they bring into their homes associated with their domestic servants.

The lawmakers should in addition look into the increasing rapes and impose severe punitive measures against any offender.

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