Treasonable Act: Will President Buhari ever forgive , trust Uzodinma again?

Gov. Hope Uzodinma in a secret meeting with President Mohammadu Buhari
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Treasonable Act: Will President Buhari ever forgive Uzodinma? (Opinion)

Guest Writer

It is an insult to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for some overzealous sycophants in Imo who are loyal to Hope Uzodinma to willfully misquote Mohammadu Buhari. President Buhari left Imo on Thursday deeply disappointed and on a very sad and bitter note. And he vowed to be careful with Uzodinma, going forward. Attempting to hoodwink the people about this fact is very uncivilized and criminal, too. And for Uzodinma to refuse to call these characters to order, it means he has endorsed this scourge of fake news and has lent the authority of state to the disrespect, humiliation and ridicule of the President of Nigeria.

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For them to twist Buhari’s regrets, captured in his open and clear declaration that he “will be careful with Uzodinma’s future invitations”, Uzodinma and his boys have mocked Nigeria’s Number One Citizen. They have presented Buhari as confused and senile. They have pushed the Presidency over the cliff. This is an attack on the embodiment and personification of Nigeria’s sovereignty. This is totally unacceptable. The consequences must be severe and dire, and must be administered as quickly as possible. What else could be more treasonable than this?

President Mohammadu Buhari, as he visited Imo State for the commissioning of projects in Imo State under Governor Hope Uzodinma's regime, on September 9, 2021.

In the interim, the APC should immediately suspend Hope Uzodinma, Placid Njoku and Declan Emelumba for this callous act of unleashing, or, at any rate, acquiescing to the unmitigated insults on the National Leader of their Party.

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Second, Uzodinma must be banned from gaining entry into Aso Rock Villa forthwith. He has proven to be a household enemy to Buhari. He knew the situation in Imo State, his legitimacy crisis and the unapologetic rejection of his regime by Imo people, yet he chose to drag Buhari down to Imo to share in his fate of shame. This is a slap to Buhari and no General takes this type of defeat without retaliation.

My name is Collins Opurozor.

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