Can St Paul’s directives to respect those in authorities be respected?
By RN Egbulefu

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Corruption has been subject of discussions mostly at this time of Covid-19 pandemic diseases. The immoral acts are very hazardous and people involved in it ridicule their integrities before God and man.

Imagine men of great reputes, trusted and placed at the position of authorities betray such trusts. They malinger and make fun of themselves when being probed. Their pictures or video littering everywhere. Can we still obey St Paul’s that directs in one of His Epistles that we should respect those placed at the position of authorities?

Some Nigerians whom the sudden diseases open their ways pray for its continuity. Every business person doubles prices of their commodities either old or new stocks. Today everybody attributes problem of corruption to politicians but call theirs business.

No sin is minor before God. Some people died as we read from the Scripture because they lied against the Holy Spirit. All sins are forgiveable but iniquities against the Holy Spirit is not pardonable.

Many Ministers of God, mostly that of mushroom churches have diversified to online services. The 10% monthly tithes and other offertories are being demanded online as the churches physical services temporarily remain closed.


The Youths could be more insincere than the 75+ old years retired Civil or Public servants that are still struggling to render political services to the country that is in distress possibly with the hope of sharing from the National Cake.

Although the youths  may be into scamming or involved in other criminal attitudes resulting from   unemployment, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strikes etc as they remain at home doing nothing but thinking of how ends could meet to earn incomes.

Truly Nigerians very long old leaders may be part of the country’s economic problems through  mismanagements. The present occurrences among the political leaders  are evidences.

In other hand, everybody as from 12 years old probably contributes to domestic or National Problems in one way or the other.

The 10 or 12 years old child that secretly pilfering meats equally licking soup from a pot is an example of stealing which contributes to domestic problems as he eats quietly quantity pieces of the meat provided for everybody. Stealing starts from ones background or family. It is basically part of misdeeds.

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There are a good number of atrocities or social vices engaged by the children who pretend to be  ‘sacred cow’ in the society.

A woman was flogging her Bar Attendant which attracted the neighbours attention as they were interested to know cause of reckless  beating of the lad by the woman.

The lady revealed to the sympathizers who intervened on behalf of the 12 years+ old  boy accused of severally sold and replaced a good number of bottles of beer drank in a day by the customers, earning more profits than his boss that paid his salaries and carried out other expenses.

Same boy was accused of under refilling their gas cylinder and concealed part of the money entrusted to him to buy the liquid each time it diminished.

Corruption to me does not mean only when somebody is stealing public funds. Hatred, Nepotism, Hate Speeches, False Preachings and other lawless attitudes are part of the corruption.

Some pastors are equally corrupt as they preach the way it favours their ministries and refer to portions in the Bible to backup such flattery  preachings in other to retain their members. It is part of insincerity.

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