Nigeria’s economy crippled by erratic utility services by power sector?

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By RN Egbulefu

The required satisfactory utility services that would have aided people’s economic activities or social lives and make it more significant are not adequately provided.

Electricity consumers are always left in a great suspense while receiving the grid services due to random electricity supply associated with seizures.

As a result of unreliable electricity services, less privileged consumers are always armed with lamps, torchlights, candles etc as substitutes to light.

In any case, non of these alternatives can supply electricity to electronic gadgets to aid receiving of transmissions or viewing of other programmes at the time of needs.

A good number of television viewers shout, it is a goal in mixed feelings while national teams are playing footballs as they entertain fears for abrupt electricity power failures.

People born with “Silver Spoon” have jettisoned the use of general electricity supplies as they are often on generators as an alternative, bailing them out from unforeseen circumstances or inconveniences while handling important jobs or programmes.

Notwithstanding, if everybody is opportune to possess generators and should always be on it, the whole of their neighbourhoods or environment would be polluted with smoke and noise which could have adverse effects to healths perhaps on hypertensive patients.

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Nigeria Electricity Power Authority (NEPA) now with a new name of Power Holding Company Nigeria (PHCN) services has not been meaningfully enjoyed in a part of the world called Nigeria resulting from deteriorating reliance as consumers may not predict their efficiency as the company
often unannounced withdraw the grid services.

Hardly almost in every area in Nigeria that consumers derive satisfactory joy from the alleged good services from the PHCN neither have trust on the power supplies due to fluctuations of the electricity supply.

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Since I arrived this country from my sojourn, I have not witnessed or seen within our neighbourhood electricity supply on for 48 hours.

You may be requested to bear me witness that we have not seen Electricity Supply officials reading meters to determine the actual consumptions of every consumer in spite of elusive prepaid meters.

The officials only come on monthly bases to determine consumers who have not settled their outstanding. Such workers often disconnect without “Disconnection Order” the consumers that default payments.

The electricity consumers are aware that Nigeria that is independent since 1960 yet
she is part of the developing countries with power supply instability and may not be proud of much progressive improvement in their managements apart from corruption and other social vices.

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It is not open to questions that the electricity provisions are absolutely necessary needs, aiding developments in every country that needs to improve on their technologies.

Also it has been noted by a good number of investors that the “Off & On” electricity supply is one of the key issues that set a developing country like Nigeria far from productions.

Some textile companies have relocated to other countries, causing the local employees
their jobs and creating more unemployment problems.

Above all, the consumers should try in settling their bills as at when due to encourage good services even caring for overhead costs. Anybody that wants to be great must finance greatness.

It is hoped that it would be much better to promote timely payments if every consumer could be provided with prepaid meters without much protocols besides the issue of arbitrary or crazy bills certainly would be laid to perpetual rest.

PHCN has in adverse manner
rendering their best services stability neither trust by the consumers as nobody can predict the continuity of their activities while on motions as it is irregular without blames.

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