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Possibly additional chances of enhancing corruption at this beautiful era of change or partial lockdown?

How many defaulters can afford payments of the penalty due to improper wearing of fake nose masks that costs =N=100.00?

It is very easy to serve a monkey water with cup but it is not easy to retrieve the cup.

Let’s stop deceiving  ourselves instead pray to God to forgive us our sins.

The so called nose masks can only prevent the wearers from perceiving offensive stench or odours.

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Please put on the alleged mask, cover your mouth with it, lite a candle or lamp and blow breeze, definitely the flame or light will quench which signifies that the wearer is not really protected.

People are encouraged to wear nose masks because it is alleged that part of contacting or spreading Covid-19 is through airborne.

Has the government observed the people wearing and parading themselves on the streets with the cotton wools called nose masks?

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It was hoped that the Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC) would have provided every citizen with the original protective materials subject to replacement on  loosing values?

A good number of Fashion Designers or Tailors are abandoning their real Tailoring Works as they diversify to sew Commercial Nose Masks at the expense of the innocent people being compelled to wear it.

The laws being imposed by the government  are not arbitrary laws neither standard rules.

The legislatures should always think and initiate affordable fines due to trivial offences.

This is another chance to enrich the pockets of some of the dubious government officials who may be ready to accept =N=100.00 to =N=1,000.00 from offenders on the road sides and discharge them.

Before I forget, the government has equally due to Covid-19 blessed some uniformed men that operate as commercial motorcyclists while on partial uniforms.

They are often identified as they partially wear Force Attires like Facial Caps, T-shirts with inscriptions or decoration of the frontage of their okadas with the respected military belts or lanyards, signifying that they are ‘the government children’

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Oooooo, if there is reincarnation, will you like to be a Nigerian?

The people are now involved in addition to their paid official jobs in the operation of the commercial motorcycles with private plate numbers.

Nobody challenges, arrest or seize the bikes of such illegal operators seen violating the government directives.  They are seen as ‘scared cows’

A good number of the people classified as ‘bloody civilians’ registered and were operating the commercial  motorcycles have been sent out of the major roads under the pretences of combating the spread of the Covid-19 disease which is now ‘Talk of the Town’

‘What is good for the geese is also good for the gander’.

Those okada ridders possibly by ‘necessity which is the mother of invention’ are family men with responsibilities should be allowed to return to their legal  businesses with cautionary measures.

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