Hide Face In Shame not Calling PDP Decampees Feather Weight—Ex Lawmaker Ezekwesiri fires back Fmr Governor Ikpeazu

Former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and Ex State Lawmaker, Hon Prince Ikedi Ezekwesiri
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Hide Face In Shame not Calling PDP Decampees Feather Weight—Ex Lawmaker Ezekwesiri fires back Fmr Governor Ikpeazu

A Former Minority Leader of the Abia State House of Assembly Hon Prince Ikedi Ezekwesiri has tackled the immediate Past Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for describing those who left the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) as feather weight.

The Ex Lawmaker, in a statement which he made on behalf of decampees of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) said the Statement credited to Ikpeazu can be best described as “The Audacity of Shamelessness”

He said the Former Governor should rather be shamed for not wining his Senatorial election nor produce his successor as a sitting Governor despite the fact that he was handed over 2 Senators, 6Reps members and 24 House of Assembly members.

“Someone who was handed power on the platter of gold, with 2 Senators, 6 Reps members and 24 house of assembly and he lost 95%, after 8years of being a governor, could not win Senate nor produce a successor is calling people featherweight -what an irony”

“What weight had Dr Ikpeazu before he became governor; what weight had he as a governor, and what weight can he parade now that he is no longer governor”

“Rather than his trademark jesterings, after his abysmal performance cost the party her electoral victory, one expected he would have tendered a strong apology to the party and not the hogwash being displayed”

“He failed himself, failed the party, and Abians, He institutionalized cronyism in governance and messed up the party at all levels, He brazingly worked against candidates of the party”

The Ex Lawmaker lambasted the State Party Chairman of the PDP Rt Hon Asiforo Okere for recognizing Barr Okey Igwe as the Deputy Governorship candidate of the PDP despite the Supreme Court pronouncement.

“More disgusting is the state party chairman, Rt Hon Asiforo Okere ( PhD).
His recognition of Barr Okey Igwe as the authentic deputy governorship canditiate makes me feel like vomiting after his connivance against my brother and stretch of judicial pronouncements on that up to the Supreme Court”

“A party run by a galaxy of mischievous, lazy people!

“A governor who had no balls to do local government election when it mattered most would call some people featherweight”

He called on Dr Okezie Ikpeazu to stop making unguided comments as they are unbecoming of his status.

“The former Governor should stop making unguided comments unbecoming of his status, which is capable of heating up the polity by calling decampees ‘Ndi ojo’. He should respect the political decisions of Abians as they are free to belong to any political party of their choice”

“It is important that he addresses the issues why people are leaving the party instead of his comical rhetorics and grandstanding”

“He is free as a human to abuse those that left the party privately but he has no right to do that publicly as he will be responded to likewise going forward” he concluded.

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